Chinese Rice Recipe

Chinese Rice Recipe

How to find the best Chinese Rice Recipe. You  have seen Chinese Rice in many  restaurants. There are so many people who love Chinese rice and they want to eat Chinese rice every week and they eat these rice in restaurants because the taste is so good in restaurant instead of home  . It gives a more oriental and richer touch. One of the good things about this dish is that it is very easy to make. And also very cheap. Then how to make a Chinese rice  delicacies.You can also read white chocolate almond .Recipes of rajma are very easy and these recipes of rajma are very good for our health too.

Chinese Rice Recipe Ingredients :-

800 g of extended rice
4 eggs
4 carrots
150 g of peas
150 g cooked ham cut into blocks
6 tablespoons soy sauce (optional)

Chinese Rice Recipe

1. We cook the rice. Better if it is long grain than round. We put the double of water that of rice and when it breaks to boil, we add the cereal along with a pinch of salt. Remove a little at first so that it does not stick to the bottom and let cook on a low heat for about 20 minutes
2. In another pan in plenty of boiling water, add the carrot cut into cubes and peas. If the peas are canned, do not add them. They are cooked already. Add a pinch of salt and let cook about 10 minutes.
3. While these ingredients are cooked prepare an omelette. The grace of this dish is that the tortilla is very thin. We put some eggs in a bowl and we add a pinch of salt. Then we beat them.
4. We put a little oil in a nonstick skillet wide and let it warm over medium heat. When it is hot, add the beaten egg and let cook for a couple of minutes
5. Over time we will turn the omelette using a plate. Let it cook on the other side. And once it is well curdled on both sides, we take it out with the help of a plate and reserve it.
6. When the peas (if they were not canned) are tender, drain them their water. We do the same with rice.
7. Finally, in a wok or large skillet in a well, put a little oil to heat over high heat. When it hums a little we add the rice, the peas and the carrot. We also add the tortilla cut into squares. Add a few tacos of cooked ham and optionally add the soy sauce. The soy sauce will add a lot of flavor, apart from giving a darker touch, as in the photo. We remove all the ingredients constantly while being cooked on strong fire for a couple of minutes.
And so easy to have your rice three Chinese delicacies . Easy, cheap and quick to do. Recipe of good.


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