Chickpeas Soup Recipe

Chickpeas Soup Recipes Vegetable

The chickpeas soup recipe is one of those vegetarian cooking recipes that, besides being very easy to make, is very healthy, full of protein and vitamins and without any fat. Also, it looks great !. Although it is not a recipe that is done in the fastest way, it does not take much work since it consists only of a series of simple steps and, meanwhile, we can be to something else (if we have espresso pan, then yes Would become a quick recipe to do). Let’s see chickpeas soup recipe.Homemade chicken are very delicious recipes we can easily find out this recipe in internet.

Ingredients For Chickpeas Soup Recipe for 4 people :-

200 g of chickpeas

400 g of greens already cleaned

1 tablespoon sweet paprika

salt and pepper

olive oil

Chickpeas Soup Recipe

1.- The night before we prepare this recipe, we put the chickpeas in abundant water. Cover them well and pour a handful of salt. We let macerate here all night, so the chickpeas soften.

2.- The next day, we drain the chickpeas from the water and put them in a casserole .We add

Also the cut leaves of the green coniferous vegetable cut in large pieces and, the spoon of paprika, ground black pepper and covered well of water. It covers around a finger above the chickpeas with green coniferous vegetable but although, if we like soup can throw a little more. We also add a jet of olive oil.

3.- Bring to a boil and let cook over medium heat, covered. Depending on the variety of the chickpeas, it can take 30 to 60 minutes to cook. It is best to go try, until they are cooked since, it does not interest that they are made too much. Of course, do not be hard either. Finally, when they are at their point, we rectify salt and serve.

And with this, we have the a chickpeas soup recipe finished. If you do it in an pot, the time will be reduced to one third. That is, between 10 or 20 minutes will be ready. Be sure to prepare this healthy cooking recipe in your home!

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