Chicken tacos for kids

Chicken tacos for kids

Our today recipe is chicken tacos for kids.We will share how to cook chicken tacos for kids.The recipe for chicken tacos for kids is very simple and easy any one can make chicken tacos.There are so many chicken recipes but roasted chicken thighs are very simple to make.

The tacos are one of the most popular dishes of Mexican cuisine . They can be prepared in many ways and all are exquisite. Today we propose to cook some tacos for the children’s menu.

Chicken tacos for kids


Chicken meat
1 onion
Green and red pepper
1 clove garlic
Salt and pepper
Ranch sauce

How to cook, step by step, chicken tacos for kids

1. Put oil in the pan and pour the chopped onion and the green and red pepper cut into strips. Add salt and stir while cooking ingredients.

2. Add chopped chicken meat . Add garlic clove, chili, cilantro and pepper. If your children do not like spicy, avoid putting chili or chilli. Mix all the ingredients and fry until they are cooked.

3. Add ranchera sauce or fried tomato sauce.

4. Heat the tacos cakes in the oven at gentle power. Stuff the chicken tacos and, if you like, add lettuce, mayonnaise or even, grated cheese on top.


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