Chicken Recipes For Babies

Chicken Recipes For Babies

Today we are going to share chicken recipes for babies.By following these chicken recipes for babies you can make chicken for your babies too.We will also share more chicken recipes for kids dinner  too.

Cream Of Chicken And Pear Baby Puree

A curious and rich cream of chicken and pears flavored by a subtle spice like turmeric that will give your child a very complete meal or dinner .

The chicken brings you just protein without passing us, and the pears hydrates. Pears have a low glucose index, so they are suitable for diabetics . They are also rich in fiber. So as you will see in this recipe we have not peeled them, we have left their skin to lose their best part.

Chicken Recipes For Babies


1/4 chicken breast
4 pears of variety Carolina
1/2 leek
1 potato
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1/2 tablespoon powdered turmeric dessert (optional)
mineral water
Tip: For presentation, add a few pieces of toasted whole wheat bread.

How to prepare the chicken and pear puree, step by step

1. Carefully wash your hands, pears, potatoes and leek.

2. For only the potatoes, we want the skin part of the pears to give us a greater contribution of fiber. Just chop them together with the chicken and the potato.

3. Cut the leek into julienne and in the same saucepan where you’re going to cook everything, put it until it takes a little color.

4. When you have the leek ready add the pears and cook 5 minutes on low heat.
5. After turning around, add the potatoes, the chicken and if you decide to add cúcurma, too.

6. Cover everything with water, cover, heat the fire and cook for about 25/30 minutes.

7. When you see the chicken and the tender potato, by pricking it with a fork, mash everything with a kitchen robot or a turmix.

8. Pass it by the Chinese or by the strainer, put it in your favorite bowl and serve it tempered.

9. You will see how turmeric gives it a different touch and a more intense color.

You can accompany it with a splash of cold oil on top and a few pieces of toasted whole wheat bread. Enjoy a sweet and curious cream.

Chicken Recipes For Babies Easy Chicken Recipes For Babies Chicken Recipes

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