Chicken Pancakes

Crispy Chicken Pancakes Recipe

The chicken pancakes recipe  nor French origin consisting of egg, flour and milk, cooked on a skillet or griddle. It is usually filled with some other elaboration, whether it be a sausages or a sweet. The filling, in this recipe is an example and you can really fill it with what you like, like ham and cheese. This elaboration can also be sweet but, here we are going to make some salty crepes or crepes of chicken and vegetables that I know from experience that gives very good results.Many people love sea foods specially they like to eat fish and Squid and they make Squid rings.Sweet potato ale recipe is very easy recipe.

INGREDIENTS to make about 4 chicken pancakes recipe

 10g flour

 200ml of milk

 1 egg

 1 chicken breast

 1/2 onion

 1/2 green pepper

 1/2 red pepper

 Fried tomato or ketchup


 If we like the spicy, a couple of cayenne chillies

 Salt and pepper

 Olive oil

HOW TO MAKE chicken pancakes :

1.- We prepare the mass of the crepes or salty pancake: In a beaker, we put the flour, the milk the eggs and a little bit  of salt and beat with the mixer until everything is well integrated. There must be a fairly smooth mass. This will make it a little more difficult to cook, but if we made it more dense, we would have some very thick pan cakes  and enough when we cooked it.

2.- Then we make the pan cake. We put a butter nut, which makes paste like it, in a large nonstick pan, over medium heat and pour a little of the crust mass on a spoon. The spoon will measure. Then we put the more of the oil to the pan and we move it out of the fire, in circles, so that the mass is evenly placed on the frying pan and, we put back the frying pan in the fire. It is best not to put too much dough and the crep is too fat or not tasty. When it has been between one and two minutes, we turn it with the help of a wooden spoon and cook the other side. When the other side has been cooked, we remove the it  from the pan and place it on a plate. It seems complicated to do all this but, when you have done 4,

3.- To make the filling of the salty pan cake, we chop the vegetable very fine and we put in a frying pan along with a trickle of olive oil, firstly the onion and the red pepper. Season and cook over low heat. When 5 minutes have passed, add the green pepper and continue cooking. When the vegetable is well cooked and very soft, we raise the fire and we add the chicken and cut in squares not very big. When it has taken color, we throw a few spoonfuls of tomato sauce and black  pepper.

4.- To finish, fill the pan cake or salty pan cake. Take one or two tablespoons of the filling and place them on the middle of the it. Then take one end of the pancake and take it just over the filling, cover it. Take the other end and take it to the other side of the pancake, so that it is closed properly.

These  salty cakes , are very good recipes to surprise someone to whom you have invited home to dinner. I assure you and I advise you. Do not be scared because it seems to you that making crepes or crepes is complicated. Maybe the first and the second are broken. Or maybe not. But the third the fourth and, in short, all the others sure that they come out!


Chicken Pancakes Chicken Pancakes Chicken Pancakes Chicken Pancakes Chicken Pancakes Chicken Pancakes

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