Chicken Dinner Recipes

Chicken Dinner Recipes

Today we are going to share some chicken dinner recipes.There are so many chicken dinner recipes but we are going to share very easy recipes.We will share all best chicken dinner recipes.You can also read sweet potato soup .

Chicken Dinner Recipes

Chicken soup

I usually put the chicken with the skin to take advantage of the loose grease and not have to pour oil. When I have enough consomme overnight I usually take advantage of putting 3 handfuls of soup noodles, so I have another meal and do not get tired.







Sweet paprika



2 broth tablets

2 eggs


Put all the ingredients except the eggs in a cauldron with plenty of water.

To put a calderito with the 2 eggs to cook about 10 minutos.Pasada half hour to separate the broth and paste it

Grind salt and crumble the chicken and put the carrot in casters

Serve in a bowl that is more compact

Chicken Dinner Recipes Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes Chicken Dinner Recipe Chicken Recipes

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