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Baked Picantones Chicken Breast Recipes Healthy

Today our recipe is  Picantones Chicken Breast Recipes Healthy  You can also use simple chicken too.The picantones , are types of chicken smaller than the conventional chickens. It is a bird of about 500 g in weight and much more tender than the chicken. Although it also has less flavor. It is a bird very suitable for the oven and that is what we are going to do here. Some baked picantones with potatoes and onion . As a result, we will have some roasted whole chicks, accompanied by a very rich garnish. They are easy to make and will be ready in less than an hour.Sweet potato ale recipe is very easy recipe. Let’s go with your recipe:

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Chicken Breast Recipes healthy

Ingredients  for two people:

Two whole picantones  chicken breast recipes or you can use simple chicken

Two medium potatoes

Two medium onions


Salt and pepper

Olive oil


Chicken Breast Recipes


Chicken Breast Recipes With Onion

1.- Peel and cut into slices the potatoes. The cut, should not be too thick or will be hard in the oven. Half a centimeter thick or less

2.- Peel the onions and cut them in julienne. That is, in thin strips.

3.- On a baking sheet, we put the potatoes, On top we put the onion and salpimentamos.

4.- On the onion and the potato, we put the picantones. We wet them with a glass of water and with a trickle of olive oil and we salpimentamos

5.- We put to the oven previously heated to 200ºC. For about 20 minutes. Until we see that they are well gilded.

6.- After time, we take them out of the oven and turn the picantones. Let them brown on the other side too. Ready to serve

The baked picantones with potatoes and onion , are very easy to make, does not entail much effort its elaboration and …. It is delicious

Chicken Breast Recipes Chicken Breast Recipes Chicken Breast Recipes Chicken Breast Recipes Chicken Breast Recipes


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