Cheesecake without oven

Cheesecake Without Oven

Cheesecake Without Oven is also very tasty. The cheesecake no oven or cold , is a classic among classics desserts. It consists of a cheesecake made on a cookie base and topped with red fruit jam. It is very easy to make and with ingredients available to everyone. Of course, it will take a while to allow everything to work out well. The more hours the better. Let’s look at the recipe for the cheesecake with no oven in more detail. The ingredients I give below, are for a cake about 18-20 cm in diameter.You can make also nougat cake by using easy nougat recipe . Many people love nougat cake because its taste is awesome .

Cheesecake Without Oven 

INGREDIENTS to make a cheesecake without oven

50g butter
500g cream cheese, or spreadable cheese
500 cream for assembling (whipping cream)
100g of sugar
8 sheets of neutral gelatin (or 15g of gelatin powder)
300 g of strawberry jam

Recipe Of  Cheesecake Without Oven :-

1. Prepare the base of the cake. To do this we put the cookies in a crusher. We hit them well. Then add the butter to room temperature and beat again. It will remain as a kind of fine sand

2. We put this mixture into the bottom of a springform pan pie. If before you smear with oil or butter better. Easier to disassemble

3. We crush all evenly in bottom of pan. Try not to leave empty holes because the pie will go over, and we do not want it to strain for them. This done to put the mold in the refrigerator while we realize the following steps

4. In a saucepan put the cream, cream cheese and sugar. We heat and stir constantly, without allowing it to boil at any time . This burns very easily.

5. When you have made all ingredients, with no lumps, add 6 sheets of gelatin (about 12g if powder), following the manufacturer ‘s instructions. Generally, it must be soaked in water before use. Integrate with the rest of ingredients

6. We put all this mixture over the biscuit base. We let her sit for 10 minutes and then put her in the fridge for an hour.

7. Over time, we prepare the top cover. In another pot we put the jam and heat it. When it is about to break to boil, add the rest of the gelatine. Mix well and put on top of the cake. The cake will not yet be completely curdled, but enough to hold this layer. We put it back in the refrigerator and left a minimum of 6 hours. If it’s a whole night, better (from 8 to 12 o’clock)

So easy it is to prepare this cheesecake no oven or cold . One of the most basic desserts to do but, that always gives good result.



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