Cheese Balls Recipe

How To Make Cheese Balls At Home

The cheese balls recipe is  very easy and quick snack to make. You will only need a few ingredients, very easy to get and you will get a little spectacular snack. Oreo is good and best  food now a day  we can make oreo balls for children’s  and also for everyone in home because it is very delicious recipe.To make them, we will need mozzarella cheese. In some establishments they sell them made in small balls, ideal as a portion. If you do not find it that way, you can also use a whole ball, cut into parts. They will not have exact form of ball but otherwise, will remain exactly the same. The ingredients to prepare the cheese balls are:

Ingredients  for cheese balls recipe for 2 people:

 1 ball of mozzarella cheese or about 15 pearls (balls)

1 egg


bread crumbs


Cheese Balls Recipe

 1.- If we have the whole ball of mozzarella, cut it into blocks of more or less the same size. If we have the pearls, we skip this step

2.- Now, it is as simple as to cook each ball or piece of cheese. We first pass it by flour, then by beaten egg, to which we have put a small pinch of salt and then for breadcrumbs

3.- To achieve an extra layer of breaded, we can pass once again the pearl for beaten egg and breadcrumbs. This step is totally optional and with it, we will achieve a crisper outer layer

4.- We continue patting all the cheese and we reserve it in a plate. Once done, we store it in the refrigerator for an hour, so that the dough settles well

5.- This done, we fry them in abundant oil to very strong fire. We fry for about 30 seconds. Enough so that the outer layer takes on a golden color and the cheese gets hot. It is important not to leave it too long because otherwise the cheese will expand upon heating and the pellets will burst in the oil.

6.- Remove the oil and let it rest on absorbent paper

So easy you will have your recipe of cheese balls . If you want, you can substitute the mozzarella for another cheese.

Cheese Balls Recipe Cheese Balls Recipe Cheese Balls Recipe Cheese Balls Recipe Cheese Balls Recipe


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