Shoulder Pain Symptoms

Causes And Treatment Of Shoulder Pain

Our today topic is shoulder pain symptoms.We will share some shoulder pain symptoms.What are the causes of pain in shoulder?Shoulder Pain SymptomsWhat are the treatments of shoulder pain?Shoulder pain is extremely common and can be caused by a variety of reasons. The exact cause of the pain should be determined in order to determine the appropriate treatment.Being one of the most used limbs in the body of a bruise brings it to any disability. Bones, joints, muscles and tendons that cause movement on the shoulder may be damaged. This causes pain.

Causes of Shoulder Pain
Shoulder pain can occur for the following reasons:

Inflammation of the joint or tendon Infection with
shoulder pain is most often diagnosed. Nighttime shoulder pain and aggravation of pain in normal use of the arm are the symptoms of this illness.

Shoulder Pain Symptoms And Treatments

Liquid-filled vesicles on the soft tissue surrounding the shoulder joint can be inflamed. This is called bursitis . Bursitis usually occurs when pressure is applied continuously or repeatedly. For example, activities such as cleaning for a long time, enduring too much to the padding, gardening, playing an instrument can be caused by bursitis.

Tendon Rupture
Occurs when the tendons that hold the bone on the shoulder are torn. Sometimes surgery is needed in this case.

Frozen Shoulder
Frozen shoulder , painted and sustained in the shoulder constantly coming and going. The movement in each direction in the region is limited and painful.Shoulder Pain Symptoms Physiotherapy and stretching play an important role in the treatment of this disease.

Tendon calcification
occurs when calcium builds up in the tendons. It most often occurs in the joint at the upper corner of the shoulder. Treatment varies according to the severity of the symptoms.

Shoulder instability
It usually occurs when the shoulder joint is loosened. Reason; a traumatic injury, a dislocation, or an improved injury.

Shoulder Out
Shoulder Out; it is said that the bone on the upper part of his shoulder suddenly leaves his shoulder.

Shoulder Pain Symptoms And Treatments

Segmentation The disruption that occurs in the acromioclavicular joint is completely different from the dislocation and should not be confused.

Labral Tearing
occurs at the site where the shoulder bones are joined and the treatment is damaged and the treatment depends on the type of tearing.

SLAP Lesion
This is a labral tear type. The most common cause is a violent fall of objects on the stretched arm.

Shoulder arthritis; It is less common than knee and hip arthritis, but serious tissue replacement surgery may be needed when seen.

Biceps Tendon Rupture
Biceps muscles may have developed from tendon rupture of the proximal biceps tendon by tearing near the joint.

When should I apply for a doctor for shoulder pain?
If you are uncertain about the cause of your shoulder pain or if you can not find appropriate treatments for your condition, you should consult your doctor.Shoulder Pain Symptoms The treatment should be directly related to the cause of the pain. If you also show the following indications, contact your doctor:

Difficulty in carrying objects or using arm
Injury that may have damaged joints
Pain at night when sleeping or resting during the day
Pain that lasts a few days
Unable to lift the arm
Severe redness or swelling around the arm
Infection indications such as fever, redness and chills
Any unusual condition in the body

Shoulder Pain Symptoms And Treatments

Shoulder Pain Treatment
Shoulder pain treatment depends entirely on the cause of the problem. For this reason, it is very important to find out the cause of the symptoms before starting a treatment program. If you are not sure of the seriousness of the diagnosis or condition and you do not know what kind of treatment you should initiate, you should seek medical advice. The prescribed treatments may not be suitable for all diseases but may help alleviate your condition.

Resting For
many common conditions that cause shoulder pain, the first treatment is to restrain the joint to allow the infection to collapse. Do not move it for a long time may result in frozen shoulder discomfort, so be careful.

Hot and Cold Application
Ice applications and hot compresses are commonly used methods for shoulder pain. In situations such as arthritis and inflammation, heat application may relieve pain, while cold application may be used to prevent swelling.Shoulder Pain Symptoms

Stretching Stretching of
the muscles and tendons surrounding the osl may help reduce pain.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy supports almost all orthopedic problems, as well as shoulder pain, to restore the level of pre-pain activity to the shoulder. The method of physical therapy will vary according to the level of the disease.

Cortisone Injections
Cortisone; is a powerful medication that treats inflammation, and inflammation of the shoulder is a common cause of pain. Ask your doctor about cortisone injections. The injection can be applied intra-articularly or directly to the tendons.

Drug Treatment
Painkillers, anti-inflammatory rheumatic drugs, cartilage regeneration and muscle relaxants are the most common types of medicines prescribed by your doctor according to your condition.

Preventing Pain on Shoulders

Do not load your shoulder when lifting heavy.
Do not hold the arm up for a long time, do as much as you can or avoid the actions like hanging clothes and hanging curtains.
Keep the window closed when driving.Shoulder Pain Symptoms
Avoid heavy backpacks or shoulder bags.
Practice regularly.


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