What Are The Causes Of Uric Acid

What Are The Causes Of Uric Acid

Our today topic is causes of uric acid.We will talk about the main causes of uric acid.There many other cases of uric acid too which we will discuss later too.What Are The Causes Of Uric AcidLow uric acid it may mean that the patient is fed with a protein-poor diet, it may also point to another underlying disease.

What is Uric Acid?
Uric acid occurs as a result of the digestion of the so-called purine. Foods rich in purines are foods rich in protein, such as red meat, liver and legumes. Uric acid, which is formed after consumption of these nutrients, is first thawed, transferred to the kidneys, and then excreted through the urine.

The uric acid values ​​should be in the following ranges:

In males, 3.4-7.0 mg / dL (milligram / deciliter)
2.4-6.0 mg / dl in womenWhat Are The Causes Of Uric Acid
2.0-5.5 mg / dl in children
Although low uric acid is not usually a problem, it is necessary to find the underlying cause.

Reasons for Uric Acid Loss
A Less Diet From Protein Care The
nutrients that purine and protein are abundant are the same: red meat, liver, legumes etc. Uric acid production is reduced if enough purines are not consumed. Low uric acid is common among vegetarians.

Drugs Side effects Drugs,
especially in the uricosuric class, can lower uric acid levels. If you have a medication you are using, you should check if urine increases uric acid intake by controlling side effects.What Are The Causes Of Uric Acid

Wilson’s Disease
Copper to accumulate in vital organs causing above normal Wilson’s disease may cause a decrease in uric acid.

Other Causes

Fanconi Syndrome
hyperthyroidismWhat Are The Causes Of Uric Acid
MS Disease
Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone Release Syndrome
Spinal Cord Tumor
Nephritis (Kidney Inflammation)
Genetic properties

What Are The Causes Of Uric Acid

Uric Acid Abortion Symptoms
The indication for low uric acid indicates symptoms of the underlying disease. Other than that, the uric acid level is low. For example, if you have uric acid deficiency due to Wilson’s disease, you may have symptoms such as body aches, anorexia, depression, exhaustion. If you are caused by fanconi syndrome, you may experience bone pain and disability.What Are The Causes Of Uric Acid

Uric Acid Reduction Treatment
There is no need to worry if the uric acid level is slightly below the lower limit. If it is lower, your doctor will perform additional tests to diagnose the underlying cause. Then he will treat according to the outcome.

For example, if you have low uric acid due to consuming protein-poor foods, your doctor will want you to pay attention to protein intake. Other diseases will require different treatment methods.


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