Night Cough

Night Cough Causes and 8 Treatment Methods

Today we will discuss causes of night coughing.There are so many causes of night coughing.You feel good all day, but something happens when you sleep in the bed at night. A “knot” knotting your throat causes constant coughing and prevents you from sleeping.

Coughing at night can cause you to miss your sleep. It is also a big problem for the person who shares your bed. It will also be possible to relax when the night cough statement is improved. Let’s take a look at the causes of night coughing before the treatment prescription.

Causes of Night Coughing

Smoking causes cold cough and flu coughing and night coughing because it irritates the throat. Apart from these symptoms, 5 common symptoms of coughing at night are:

1. Asthma: Most people share asthma with shortness of breath. Although this accuracy is a symptom of asthma, asthma patients often complain of dry cough. Consult a physician to make sure that the cause of the cough is not asthma.

2. Sinusitis: Constantly blocked nose may be the cause of coughing. When the sinuses block, the mucus flows to the back of the throat. This causes a disturbing fondness. Allergies can also cause sinusitis. You can consult your doctor, use allergy medicines or nasal spray.

3. Reflux: Reflux disease can also cause coughing. As you lie, the acid in your body affects your lungs as it causes indigestion and stomach upset.

4. Iron Deficiency: A diet lacking in some minerals may cause chronic cough. If you have iron deficiency in your body , swelling and tingling that may occur behind your throat may be a sign of it.

5. Some Medications: ACE inhibitor drugs for high blood pressure have side effects such as dry cough. If you think the cause of your cough is medicines, consult your doctor and change your medicine.

Causes of Night Coughing

Treatment of Night Cough
The key point to improve this statement is: to soften and relieve sensitized and hypersensitive respiratory tracts without going to bed.

1. For honey-added plant tea: Get habit of drinking herbal tea before entering the bed. Dr. Norman Edelman: “Any hot drink helps to eliminate the airway in the respiratory tract,” he says. You can try ginger tea or lime. Do not forget to add some honey. It will help soften your throat.

2. More of Your Sleep Position: When it comes to night coughing, gravity is your enemy. All postnasal discharge and mucus you swallow during the day will come back to your bed and start disturbing your throat. Put a few pillows behind your head to defeat gravity.

In addition, reflux patients can apply this method because they have acid in the midline while they are in horizontal position.

3. Steam can work, except those with asthma: Dry airways increase coughing. Before going to bed, you can feel relaxed by taking a hot shower or just sitting in a steamy bathroom. Dr. Edelman warns in one point: “If you have asthma, the cough gets worse.”

Causes of Night Coughing

4. NEMA Attention: Room humidifiers can help cough if air is dry. But too much moisture in the room can cause coughing. Because house dust mites and mold fungi (two common allergens) grow in moist air. Edelman states that the amount of moisture should be kept between 40% and 50%.

5. Prepare Your Bed: Take everything that you need next to your bed, thinking that you may start coughing at night. A glass of water, cough medicines, everything that can help cough. The sooner you solve coughing, the better. Because coughing constantly will irritate the respiratory tract, it will take a long time to cough at night.

6. Keep Your Bedroom Clean: If you have coughing and are sensitive to allergies, focus on your bed. House dust mites (small creatures that hide in bed and eat skin scales) are a common allergic stimulant. Edelman says, “Wash your bed with hot water every week to get rid of these creatures.”

7. Imagine a Drug: Cough medicines can work in two ways. Provides relief of expectorant mucus. Cough inhibitors reduce coughing reflexes, reducing coughing desire.

8. Consultation with the Doctor: If you are coping with a long-lasting night cough on day 7, it is time to go to the doctor. It may take a while, but in the end, the reason for your coughing will eventually emerge and your nights will be restful again.

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