Nasal Obstruction

Causes and Treatment of Nasal Obstruction in Infants

Our today topic is nasal obstruction in infants.When babies reach 2 years of age, they have 6 significant upper respiratory tract infections in average. The most common result of these infections is nasal obstruction .

In babies, nasal obstruction is a discomfort that can prevent breathing through the nose, as well as having to breathe dry air through the mouth, causing coughing and other illnesses. People usually think that the mucus in the nasal passage of the nasal obstruction is infected by the nasal obstruction, but this is not true.

Nasal Obstruction In Infants

Causes of nasal obstruction in infants
Full Development of the Immune System The
main reason why infants have more frequent nasal obstruction than adults is that the baby’s immune system is not yet fully developed.

Inflammation of blood vessels
The main cause of nasal obstruction is inflammation of blood vessels in the nasal passages.

Small and Narrow Nose Paths
Babies are very fragile against obstruction because they have smaller and narrower nasal passages than adults.

as well as cold as bacteria and viruses cause colds and sinus infections leads to nasal congestion.

Allergies Allergies such as
hay (spring) or dust, insects, skin rashes of domestic animals and mold may cause nasal congestion in babies.

Nasal obstruction not only causes moodiness, but it also overcomes the baby’s breathing, sleeping and eating habits. For this reason, treating your baby’s nasal obstruction immediately is very important for getting rid of your baby from these troubles.

Nasal Obstruction In Infants

Treatment of Nasal Obstruction in Babies
Depending on the cause of nasal obstruction in infants, there are many treatment methods. These:

Saline Drip
Saline drips are very effective to relieve the mucus in your nostrils. The use of these drops in babies is completely safe. To get rid of your baby’s nasal obstruction, you first need to put your baby on your back. Then drop 3-4 drops into the left nostril of your baby through the saline drop. After waiting a few minutes, add 3-4 drops in the same way to the other nostril. There are no drawbacks to doing this many times as long as you need it throughout the day. You can get saline drops from your pharmacy.

Your Baby’s Head Tucking your baby parallel to the back of the bed can make your nasal congestion worse. For this reason, raise your head with a pillow while your baby is sleeping. Also sit your baby in a vertical position during the day.

Steam Aspirator
Get one of the steam extractors sold in the pharmacies. Provide breathing of the vapor by running next to your baby. The steam extractor allows your baby to liquefy everything in the nose channel. The fluid tries to flow out of it. The steam extractor also reduces inflammation if your baby has inflammation (inflammation). Steam aspirators are extremely safe for babies.

Nasal Obstruction In Infants

Nasal Aspirator
Nasal aspirators are made for babies and sold in all pharmacies. Place the tip of the nasal aspirator lightly on the baby’s nose and gently pull the other mouthpiece, taking your own mouth. This will clear your baby’s nose and relieve your baby.

Liquid Lubrication In the
case of nasal congestion in babies, fluid lubrication accelerates healing. In addition to water, you can also give your baby 50 percent diluted fruit juice. Rehydration fluids can also be used in infants aged 6 months.

Breastfeeding infants in breastfeeding breastfeeding infant immunity. For this reason, breast milk also accelerates the recovery of nasal obstruction.

Hot Shower
Hot steam is one of the most natural ways to relieve nasal obstruction. Close the gate of Banyon and open the hot shower and stay with your baby for 15 minutes. With the warming and evaporation of the inside, your baby will keep warm air and the inside of the nasal canals will be cleaned and the opening will be accelerated. Your baby may get a little tender at first, but this means that the liquid in the nose has cleared and started to flow.

Nasal Obstruction In Infants

Eucalyptus Oil With your
baby in the bathroom, open the hot shower head and then drop 3-4 drops of eucalyptus oil on the shower head. So the eucalyptus oil is mixed with the water vapor and your baby will soak it. Eucalyptus oil provides antiseptic and vasoconstrictor properties to soften and open the nasal passages.

Other Precautions
Everyone who touches your baby in addition to all this, often has to wash his hands. Keep the baby away from people who are sick and from cigarette smoke. Because they increase the risk of infecting your baby’s respiratory tract.

There are also many over-the-counter medicines available to relieve nasal obstruction, but they should never be given to babies. Cough and cold medicines are also not suitable for babies under 2 years of age.

Warning : Although nasal obstruction is common in infants, check with your doctor if your baby’s mucus color turns yellow or green. Because this symptom may be a sign of a second infection. Continuous running nose and fever can also be symptoms of an allergy.


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