Causes Of Iron Deficiency

What Does Iron Oval Mean?

Our today topic is causes of iron deficiency.We will talk about causes of iron deficiency.What are the causes of iron deficiency?Iron level elevation usually occurs due to two reasons:

1. To consume more than iron-rich foodsCauses Of Iron Deficiency
2. If the body absorbs more iron than the food taken
Iron excess is called hemochromatosis in medical language. The excess iron usually does not give any signs.The excess iron usually arises especially at routine checks because of routine blood checks or hereditary iron height in the family.

Causes Of Iron Deficiency

Causes of Iron Fragmentation
Iron height is usually caused by the intake of excess iron in the body through food or vitamin supplements.

In rare cases, genetic factors play a role. These people will absorb the bowels much more than the buckwheat in the food. In this case, the amount of iron in the side increases. In the family history there is a high possibility of iron overwork in the presence of individuals with this problem.

Iron Phosphate Symptoms
A surplus of iron can lead to many problems. Excess iron can cause many body functions.

Common Symptoms
Common symptoms; muscle weakness, musculoskeletal pain, disorientation in skin color (bronze or gray color), hair loss, and unexplained weight loss in the libido, enlarged or painful liver, fatigue, irregular heartbeats, joint pain, numbness or weakness.Causes Of Iron Deficiency

When Should We Be Concerned?
Kanda high iron level should be checked and treated to prevent further problems that may develop. Symptoms such as abdominal pain, liver enlargement, fatigue, nervousness, mood swings, severe pain and color change on the skin should be checked immediately.

How is Kanda High Iron Level Detected?
High iron level; examination, genetic examination, blood test, and biopsy.

doctors often want to go into elaborate medical family history without diagnosing a high iron level of calm. Any clue, arthritis or liver disease in the family may indicate an inherited iron level height.

Causes Of Iron Deficiency

Blood Test In the
blood test, your blood sample is sent to the laboratory for analysis. If the saturation of the transfer is greater than or equal to 45, it is considered abnormal. In addition, the level of iron bound to the protein is also controlled.Causes Of Iron Deficiency

Another is the serum ferritin test. 200mg / L in women and 300mg / L in men and above are regarded as abnormal. The ferritin test shows the level of protein that stores iron. If both tests are abnormal; A special blood test is performed to check the C282Y mutation.

Liver Biopsy
Liver biopsy; they have sent a piece of liver to the microscopic examination to check for disease or damage. Local anesthesia is given and a needle is applied to the body to receive liver tissue. The patient may be given sedation or pain relief. Ultrasound or CT scanning can also be used during the procedure to guide the needle.

A pathologist will examine the tissue. The biopsy will show the amount of iron stored in the liver and whether it is damaged or not.

Causes Of Iron Deficiency

Iron Feeling Treatment
Some medical treatments and daily practices are as follows:

1) Medical Treatment
Kanda iron height can be treated with a simple procedure called phlebotomy. In this procedure; blood is taken periodically from the patient. Depending on the level of serum ferritin, half a liter of blood is taken from the patient every one to two weeks. The process can also vary from a few months to a year depending on the level of iron in your body. A blood test is performed to monitor the level of ferritin and is maintained at 25-50 mg / L. These tests are repeated every 6 months to determine the frequency of blood collection.Causes Of Iron Deficiency

2) Nutrition Tips
Reduce Iron Consumption
Normal individuals up to 10% iron absorbe while hemochromatosis patients up to 30%.

If the person is suffering from this condition, he should remove the iron-containing foods and continue his normal diet.

Stay away from Alcohol In
addition, people who suffer from cirrhosis should not consume alcohol because of the high risk of developing cirrhosis and liver cancer during this condition.Causes Of Iron Deficiency

Reduce Vitamin C Consumption
Patients should stay away from foods containing vitamin C because they help the iron absorption of the vitamin C and the iron loading causes irregularities in the heart rhythm.

Avoid Raw Seafood Avoid
raw seafood such as mussels because of the high risk of catching bacterial infections from high iron containing foods in high iron-fermented patients.


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