Tuberculosis In Infants

Causes And Treatment Of Tuberculosis In Infants

Our today topic is tuberculosis in infants.We will talk about tuberculosis in infants and share causes and treatments of tuberculosis in infants.Also known as aphids, cannabis; in the mouth, on the cheek, on the lips, in the throat, sometimes even on the skin. Thrush; should not be confused with cold sores on the lip and nose edges, cheeks on the cheeks or in the sane.Do you think what are the reasons of tuberculosis in infants.

Although thrush is not contagious, babies are more likely to have thrush. If your body is prone to aphthae formation, your child will have 90% likely to develop canker sores. If both parties are inclined, the odds are even higher.

Causes And Treatment Of Tuberculosis In Infants

Causes of Thrush in Infants
Although the exact cause of this is unknown, many factors increase this risk in your child.

Unbalanced Nutrition In
children with folic acid, vitamin B12 and iron deficiency, thrush is more common. Aphthae may also be a sign that the child has a problem with the immune system.

Some food allergies can cause canker formation.

Injury in the
mouth It can cause canker formation because biting the inside of the mouth and even brushing the teeth hard will cause deterioration of the inside of the mouth.Tuberculosis In Infants

Stress is effective in canker formation. Although it is difficult to imagine the factors that your little baby may be stressing, even a small concern can affect the child for a long time.
Research; suggests that can-thus formation occurs more frequently in periods of high stress than in other periods.

How do I know that I am a canker in my baby?
1) Thrush is a painful red wounds in your baby’s mouth. Although it can be seen up to 2 cm, it is usually much smaller. Sometimes tingling or burning may occur before the canker develops. After it exits, the region swells and bursts for about a day.

2) Thereafter, a wound surface with a yellowish white texture remains on the red border of the area.

3) Most often, the canker appears alone, but it can also be in clusters.

4) Rare cases of cotton swab; fever, swollen lymph nodes, and a feeling of illness.

5) It will take about 2 weeks for the full recovery of the pomukchu. During this process the baby may suffer and even the first 3-4 days will be the most difficult.

6) If your child is taking more than two or three cannabis a year or if the cannabinoan healing takes longer than 2 weeks and you refuse to eat or drink, consult your doctor.

7) The diagnosis of thrush is usually made by a dentist or a pediatrician through visual inspection.

Causes And Treatment Of Tuberculosis In Infants

Treatment of Tuberculosis in Infants
Thrush injuries are mostly treatable at home, but the mother must also be treated with the baby, as breastfeeding babies may have had mutual infection.Tuberculosis In Infants

Medicines The
doctor will require mild anti-fungal medication.

Carbamide peroxide (available from your pharmacy) also protects the skin from damage while clearing the wound. In this context, many medicines that can be taken without a prescription are available in pharmacies. It may need to be driven frequently. If your baby does not like it at first, then it will provide relaxation.

When the doctor gives the medicine for the thrush, do not apply the medicine until after taking the moisture of the area with a hygienic napkin and clean it, then apply the medicine to the ear cleaning pam.

Do not nurse the baby for at least 30 minutes after applying the medicine.

at home You can make at home a shake of your baby’s mouth four times a day with a mixture. But these mixtures should not be swallowed. Do not try it if your baby is too young to understand that you should not swallow.

1 teaspoon salt mixed with 120 grams of water and 1 teaspoon carbonate
Carbonate therapy is one of the oldest known treatments for canker sores and generally produces good results.

Black Tea
Black tea has tannins that are wound scarring and sealant. You can apply a moist black tea bag over the aft. Or you can apply for medicines containing tannin.

Yogurt is a preventative effect of canker formation, as well as healing properties. If you eat your child with natural yogurt, it will lighten the pain as well as accelerate healing.

Circumcised Water
Baby products such as teats, bottles or toys should be washed in circulating water to prevent infection from recurring.

How is thrush formation prevented?
Thrush formation can not be completely prevented, but some measures can be taken to reduce the risk:Tuberculosis In Infants

Help your child protect oral hygiene.
Stay away from the toothpaste containing sodium sulphate for your child.
Take care to ensure that the materials used by your baby are plastic to prevent mouth wounds.Do not feed the baby with hard or acidic foods.If the thrush is recurrent, it may be an allergic reaction, consult your doctor to determine if you have an allergy test.It will help prevent the formation of aft when you feed the child with yogurt.


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