Grandmother's Remedies For Acidity

Grandmother’s Remedies For Acidity

Gastro esophageal reflux disease causes heartburn and acid regurgitation. In some people, these refluxes can manifest themselves chronically. Lemon, potato juice or Roman chamomile, natural remedies can help treat these ailments effectively. ALKALINE FOODS REDUCE ACIDITY To dab the excess acidity of stomach contents, bet on so-called alkaline foods. Some are particularly interesting in the Continue reading

Whay Protiens

Whey Protein Importance

In past issues, we’ve chronicled the broad research demonstrating the numerous potential medical advantages of whey protein concentrate. Most of that examination was done during the 1980s and mid 1990s and was very enticing. Researchers have proceeded with their examination on whey proteins with much increasingly noteworthy outcomes. What follows is a portion of the Continue reading

Muscle pain

Back Pain: Alternative treatments that trust the Body’s Powers

Back pain affects many people, and to remedy many natural therapies exist. Acupressure and chiropractic, which rely on the innate intelligence of the body and its ability to heal itself, are particularly effective. Acupressure: a technique indicated in case of lumbago and herniated discs Acupressure, sometimes called needleless acupuncture, is an ancient technique from China that Continue reading

Weight Loss And Sleep

Why is Sleep a Key in Weight Loss?

Our today topic is weight loss and sleep.We will talk about weight loss and sleep.What is the relation of weight loss and sleep.Do you think we can lose weight too by sleeping well.Regular exercise and a healthy diet are the key to many weight loss programs. However, enough sleep is often overlooked. Research shows that Continue reading

belly fat burning foods

Fat Burning 4 Surprise Food

Our today topic is belly fat burning foods.We will share the best  foods for burning belly fat.As for fat burning, not all foods have the same effect. We all know that we need to eat more vegetables, cut sugar, avoid fast food. But you can increase the speed of losing weight with these surprise foods Continue reading