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Hvor er iPhone lavet? Hvor fremstilles og samles de originale iPhones? Vi udvikler og designer

Nederst på bagsiden af de fleste iPhones er det skrevet med små bogstaver Designet af Apple i Californien Samlet i Kina Designet af Apple California; samlet i Kina . I tvister med iPhone-fans spekuleres dette ofte af ejere af Xiaomi, OnePlus, Meizu og andre helt kinesiske Android-smartphones. De insisterer på, at deres enheder kun adskiller Continue reading

Semiconductors Devices

Manufacturing Processes for Semiconductor Devices

All electronics such as computer, television, cell phone have semiconductor devices in them. Semiconductor devices are generally capable of partially conducting electricity. For this reason, semiconductors are used in electronics. Semiconductors are mainly used to make Integrated Circuits because semiconductor falls somewhere between an insulator and a conductor. Silicon is the best example of it. Continue reading

Sony Ericsson K800i: mobile imagery redefined. Keeping up with the fast changing world of mobile phone technology, handsets from renowned camera centric K series phones from Sony Ericsson too have undergone tremendous change. Simple VGA resolution camera phones are being replaced … maintaining up with the quick altering world of cellular telephone technological know-how, handsets from renowned digital camera centric Continue reading

Window Phones

The Mobile Device Selection Guide on this productivity competitiveness generation, cell cellphone has grow to be the most important and primary device of this decade. Decision of cell phones is also important to man or woman. The right variety of telephone no longer best enhances one’s productiveness but additionally brings nice amusement values. There are four foremost structures in Continue reading