Caramel Cheesecake

Caramel Cheesecake

The caramel cheesecake or cheesecake is the usual dessert cheesecake with jam we know everyone, but coated with candy, instead of the jam aforementioned. It is a cold cake and therefore no oven . And it is very easy to do. You can buy the candy already made or better yet, do it yourself.You can make Cheesecake Without Oven too.It will be cheaper to do so and will also be 100% homemade. The ingredients for making this cheesecake and caramel cake are as follows:

Caramel Cheesecake Ingredients for 6 people

20 biscuits type maria (120 g)
75 g butter
500 g of cream cheese
500 g cream to cook or cream to beat
80 g of sugar
6 sheets of neutral gelatin


100 g sugar + 2 tablespoons water
50 ml of water to throw at the end

Recipe of Caramel Cheesecake

1. With hands we break the type graham crackers, which may be otherwise if you prefer, and put it in a blender, grinder, food processor or any other instrument for crushing food we have at home. Then we grind the cookie well

2. Once you are well crushed crushed cookie put in a bowl and add the butter at room temperature, to be better integrated. With the help of a fork, we integrate it with the cookie until it is like a wet sand

3. We put this mixture into the bottom of a spring form pan pie. To the mold, we have previously anointed it well with butter, so that the tart we stick to him. With a glass or spoon, crush the mixture over the entire surface of the mold until it has remained evenly over the entire surface of the mold. It is important that there are no holes left. May he be able to hold back the mixture that we will throw later. Once it is well crushed, we put it in the refrigerator as we take the next step.

4. Prepare what will be the cake itself. In a pot we put cream, cream cheese type philadelphia (which can be any brand) neutral gelatin or grenetina and 80 g sugar. Heat over a gentle heat and mix well with a spoon or rod. It should not boil. In fact, we heat it only to be able to integrate all the ingredients well and that there are no groups.

5. Once they are well integrated and smooth, put it on the biscuit base, which will already be somewhat cold from the refrigerator and more compact. Then we return everything to the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Until the cake has partially curdled (by its surface)

6. While the cake rests, prepare the caramel. In another pot we put the 100g of sugar and two tablespoons of water. Heat over a gentle heat

7. When hot and not taking fire (which we have soft), stir frequently. We remove 5 seconds and we stop removing another 10. So constantly and with patience. After minutes and little by little, the sugar will turn brown.

8. When you have obtained a golden color, pour the water. Throw it warm so that the candy does not crystallize. And do it as soon as it has a deep brown color because as you leave it a little longer, it will burn and you will know the fried rays! Anyway NEVER try this hot because the liquid candy reaches temperatures above 150 ºC!

9. Once you have thrown water, cook for another minute. Do not put your hand to stir or anything because the fumes that emanate also burn a lot. Just let it cook for another minute, then remove from the heat and put the caramel in a bowl that can withstand the heat. Then let it cool a little there, at room temperature

10. When the cheesecake is partially curdled, pour the still hot candy (bursts easier being something hot) on its surface. Do not throw too much, just enough so that it covers with a thin layer its surface. This done we return the cake to the mold and let it rest all night. The next day, all that remains is to unfold!

A few steps but it is very easy to do this caramel cheesecake. I hope you get ready to prepare it and above all I hope you love it!


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