Homemade Caesar Dressing Recipe No Egg

Homemade Caesar Dressing Recipe No Egg

The Caesar dressing recipe is the most international and famous salad in the world. It tells one of his many legends of his origin that, in the 1930 some aviators ordered a salad at a restaurant in Mexico, run by an Italian. Cease. This one, lacking the basic ingredients to prepare a conventional salad Caesar dressing recipe, made them a special, similar to the one made by their mother when she was little. Another story of its origins tells us that Cesar himself presented in a cooking contest, to the north of Mexico his salad. And that she won the contest. Chickpeas are very good for our health we can make it in different ways.

Whatever its origins, it does seem that this salad was created by an Italian who was in Mexico. A salad that bears his name. The caesar dressing recipe salad

Ingredients For A Caesar Dressing Recipe Salad For 4 People

1 romaine lettuce

2 chicken breasts

75g of bread the day before

100g Parmesan cheese

Ingredients For Dressing: The Caesar Sauce

3 tablespoons mayonnaise

50ml milk

1 tablespoon of mustard

About 8 anchovies of canned anchovy (25g)

1 clove garlic

100 g Parmesan cheese

 Caesar Dressing Recipe Salad:

1.- Prepare the dressing. The famous Caesar dressing recipe sauce. To do this, we first remove the inner stem from the garlic, so that later does not repeat as much. This done, we add all the ingredients of the dressing, including the garlic, in a beater vessel and we grind it well with the mixer.

2.Cut the chicken breast in half (along the length of the chicken breast), salt it and cook it on the plate for a few minutes on each side. Until it is browned on the outside and juicy on the inside. Once cooked, we reserve.

3.In the same pan, we toast with a dash of olive oil the bread cut into squares. We booked on absorbent paper.

4. Finally assemble the salad. I put a few spoonfuls of the Cesar sauce on the bottom of the dish, I put the lettuce, then a few pieces of the toasted bread and finally, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese.

And we’ll have our Cesar salad ready ! Very easy to do and ready in 15 minutes or less. Do not forget to make this fabulous Caesar salad at home. It is the most famous in the world and rightly so!


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