Burning Sensation

Causes of Burning and Treatment

Our today topic is burning sensation.We will talk about burning sensation.What are the causes of burning sensation?Burning SensationWhat are the treatments of burning sensation?Burning sensation in the head can be frightening because it is often a sign of serious illness. However, it is also possible that the sensation of burning in the head is caused by factors which are not dangerous and which can be treated easily.It is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor in order to investigate whether the feeling of chest burn is caused by a serious condition.

Burning Symptoms Accompanying Burns on the Chest
Noting other complaints and statements on your chest or in any part of your body will help to determine the underlying causes and appropriate treatment methods.

Heart Symptoms Symptoms
may be accompanied by a burning sensation from the cardiovascular state, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, and sensation of pressure on the shoulders and crows.

Burning Sensation Causes And Treatments

Symptoms That Contain Vital Hazards
If you are suffering from cold, damp skin, chest trauma, difficulty in breathing, mental confusion, rapid breathing, loss of consciousness, and fast heartbeat, you should seek medical help as soon as possible.

Other Complaints Complaints such as
indigestion, stomach ache, loss of sensation, breathing pain and coughing, shortness of breath, excessive sweating, deep lesions or bubbles are some of the other complaints that accompany the burning sensation.Burning Sensation

Burning Causes in the Chest
Determining the actual cause of the burning sensation in the breast will help diagnose the underlying condition and obtain the necessary medical assistance. Medical methods such as ECG (electrocardiography), x-ray, blood test and CT scan are also methods used for making appropriate diagnosis.

Heart Related Problems
Repeated burning sensation in the heart can be a sign of a disease that causes insufficient oxygen and blood transfusion in the body, such as angina. This pain is accompanied by pain spreading to the shoulder, the left arm and the jawbone, starting with a tightness or tight feeling immediately behind the rib cage. These symptoms are similar to the symptoms of heart attack, but they are felt to be lighter. Tearing of the heart (pericarditis) and the aortic vein causes a pain and burning sensation in the head.

Respiratory-tract Problems
A burning sensation when you take a deep breath or cough can be a sign of a respiratory system problem. Pneumonia, pneumonia, infection in the lung or blood clots in the lungs can cause this disease. Cramps, wheezing or shortness of breath in asthma attacks are complaints accompanied by a burning sensation.

Burning Sensation Causes And Treatments

Digestive Problems
Stomach ulcers cause a burning sensation, which rises just below the rib cage, after a fasting meal. The increased burning sensation after spicy and oily food, however, indicates an inflammation in the bile.Burning Sensation

Costochondritis is an inflammation of the cartilaginous tissue and causes a burning sensation in the torso. This pain usually occurs on the left side and increases when the heart moves or touches on the chest. For this reason, it is usually confused with heart disease.

Other Causes A
burning sensation on the head may be caused by a traumatic injury, damage to the soft tissue or muscles of the head, or a fracture in the chest or damage to the nerves and tendons on the breast. Some may experience a burning sensation just before the onset of shingles.

Combat Burn Treatment
Since burning sensation on the torso can be a sign of many life-threatening illnesses, it is important to pay great attention to the symptoms from the very first moment. Try not to panic so your pain does not get any worse. If you notice that your pain has increased further and it has not calmed down in a few minutes, you should immediately contact your doctor and start the necessary treatment.

Relax and Relax
When you feel a burning sensation on your shoulder , you should try to rest in a comfortable position and take a slow breath. Worrying increases your complaints further and prevents you from thinking well and finding the source of the problem.

Burning Sensation Causes And Treatments

Get medication For
non-heart conditions. Such conditions can usually be remedied by your doctor.

For angina: Angina patients usually use drugs that break blood clots. These drugs also prevent new clot blockage and allow the heart to bleed sufficiently.Burning Sensation

Heartburn inflammation: pain caused by inflammation of the heart, pain reliever can be removed.

Gastrointestinal problems: Gastric acid refluxers can help with discomfort caused by the digestive system. You may also need to change your eating habits to reduce complaints.

For pulmonary embolism: Anticoagulant medication may prevent the formation of blood clots. The clot which has already been formed through these medicines can also be removed.

For pneumonia: In the treatment of pneumonia, besides antivirals and antibiotics, antipyretic and cough medicines and other complaints can also be eliminated.

For asthma: bronchodilator drugs are used to control asthma complaints. In order to reduce the effect of asthma attacks, the drugs in the form of a spray and the bronchi are expanded.

For emotional disorders: Using anxiolytic medications (anxiety-reducing) and relaxation techniques can reduce the risk or severity of panic attacks.

Surgery is usually considered necessary during the treatment of pain caused by aortic rupture. If the biliary stones are not resolved adequately with the drug, surgery may be needed to remove the stoneBurning Sensation


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