Buerger's Disease

Buerger’s Disease Symptoms and Treatment

Our today topic is buerger’s disease.We will talk about buerger’s disease.What are the causes of buerger’s disease?What are the main symptoms of buerger’s disease?What are the treatments of buerger’s disease? Buerger's DiseaseThe first case of thromboangitis obliterans was seen in Buerger in 1908 and his name was given to the disease. It can affect many people from different ethnic backgrounds, but it is more common among Asian and Middle Eastern people, aged between 20 and 50, who use tobacco products.

What is Buerger’s Disease?
The most characteristic feature of Buerger’s disease is inflammation of the blood vessels in the middle and small size of the hands and feet. It is usually a condition that occurs in arteries, but sometimes it can also affect veins. Inflammation of some or part of the blood vessel is called vasculitis (vasculitis). This narrows the blood vessels and causes clogging of the blood vessels. This clogging causes pain in the hands and feet as the blood flow is damaged. This can result in damage or death of the tissues in the limbs.

Buerger’s Disease Causes And Treatments

What are the symptoms of Buerger’s disease?
Feeling pain coming and going intermittently in hand, arm, leg and foot.Buerger's Disease This pain disappears in resting state when the limbs are used for any work. This condition is also known as collapse (limping).A clot that forms in the blood vessels just below the skin can also lead to inflammation along the vein.Raynaud’s phenomenon known as the phenomenon of faded hands and toes in cold weather.

Open and painful scarring on the hands and toes.
NOTE: You should consult your doctor if you have any signs or symptoms of Buerger’s disease.

What are the Reasons for the Buerger’s Disease?
The cause of Buerger’s disease may not always be determined. However, it is known that some people may be affected because of their genetic predisposition to this disease. In this disease, arteries swell and clots form, which restricts normal blood flow. The tissues die because there is not enough nutrients and oxygen in the tissues.Excessive cigarette smoking has increased the risk of developing Buerger’s disease, and so far it has been determined that all of those catching the disease are users of tobacco products.

People at Risk
Buerger’s disease is more common in Southwest Asia, India, the Middle East or the Oriental nations.Buerger's Disease It is known that Bangladeshi people use homemade cigarettes from raw produce, which makes them more susceptible to this disease. It usually occurs between the ages of 19 and 55, although it is more common in males. In addition, the risk of having this disease is also increasing in women who smoke. As the number of people using cigarettes decreased, the number of people caught with Buerger’s disease also decreased.

Buerger’s Disease Causes And Treatments

What are the treatment methods of Buerger’s disease?
Leave the
cigarette The first step after the diagnosis of Buerger’s disease is to quit smoking. Continuing to smoke causes the complaints to continue and worsen,Buerger's Disease leading to disease progression. If the patient leaves the cigarette, the disease becomes passive. Passive smoking should be avoided by avoiding smoking areas as well as smoking cessation.

Infections that occur in hand and foot due to Buerger’s disease should be treated with antibiotics as soon as possible. NSAIDs containing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used for skin wounds and infections.

Surgery It
is unlikely that the athlete will change completely. However, new techniques for opening the occlusion of the hand and foot arteries are becoming increasingly important. If the person continues to smoke, the condition may worsen and become solvable only by surgery for the removal of a limb. Buerger's DiseaseAccording to the level of damage, it is decided whether the cutting process should be done only on a limb or on all limbs. Another option is surgery called sympathectomy. In this operation, the nerves are surgically removed to reduce the pain.

Other treatments that can be done on your own
Here are the methods you can use to stop the progression of the disease and reduce the pain.Complaints are rising in cold weather. So it is necessary not to stay in the cold or to be warm enough to be hot.Avoid walking with bare feet in case of injury. Choose your shoes that match your foot exactly.Do light exercises to keep the blood circulation in the hands and feet.A light massage and warming helps to circulate the blood.Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time.Avoid wearing tight clothing that restricts body movements.Buerger's Disease

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