What Is Bronchitis

Bronchitis Symptoms and Treatment in Infants

Our today topic is what is bronchitis?What are the causes of bronchitis in babes and what are the treatments of bronchitis?

What is bronchitis?
Bronchitis is an inflammation of the airways leading to the lung. Bronchitis occurs when the infection is seen in the trachea or trachea and bronchi. Bronchitis is a common disease that can be seen from every age group of women or men, but it is a more common disease due to the immature immune system in infants.

Causes of Bronchitis in Infants
Bronchitis is a common disease especially in cold winter months. The main causes of bronchitis in infants are:

What Is Bronchitis \ Causes And Treatments Of Bronchitis

Influenza Virus The
most common cause of bronchitis is this virus type. Influenza A and B are two varieties. Influenza virus is also commonly referred to as the influenza virus.

Bacteria Bacteria,
especially mycoplasma pneumonia, is the most common bacterial species causing bronchitis.

Respiratory Irritant Materials
Irritating gases such as dust, various allergens, and cigarette smoke, which are present in the air we breathe as we breathe air due to intense industrialization, can cause inflammation in bronchi tubers that are not yet fully developed in infants. In addition pollen dusts and other toxins can also cause bronchitis.

Weak Immune System Because
babies are in the development stage of the immune system, bronchial tubes can easily infect. Infants, especially those exposed to cigarette smoke, can be easily affected compared to adults. For this reason, parents should not allow smoking or smoking in an environment where their babies are present.

Warning : Also according to scientific researches, it has been seen that the development of the immune system in infants not fed with breast milk can take longer and in this process infants who are not breastfed are more vulnerable to infections. For this reason, specialists emphasize the importance of mother-to-be so that babies are more resistant to many other diseases such as bronchitis and the like.

What Is Bronchitis \ Causes And Treatments Of Bronchitis

Bronchitis Symptoms in Infants
Bronchitis can cause severe cough in infants . This is especially worse during sleep. The cough statement can take up to 10 days.
Bronchial infection results in intense mucus production in the body. This can sometimes prevent your baby from coughing. When the mucus is too dense, babies can also be in danger of suffocation.
Bronchial infections can also cause wheezing in babies.
If the bronchitis is a little more severe, it may cause fever and fatigue in the baby.
Because of the difficulty of coughing and breathing, the baby’s sleeping pattern is also disturbed during infection.
Bronchitis Treatment in Infants

First, clean your home with care and make sure that anything that your baby touches is clean. Wash your hands or sterilize them with an antiseptic to prevent micro-organisms from passing your personal hygiene and your baby.

Be Careful of Feeding Your Baby
Continue to breastfeed your baby as a mother. Because there are many antioxidants in mother’s milk that will prevent infections. In addition, feeding your baby on a regular basis and making liquid supplements are crucial to prevent thirst, which is caused by excessive mucus and sputum production.

Increase the Moisture Content
Use a vaporizer or humidifier to increase the moisture content in the room. Humid air contributes to the relief of your baby’s mucus clogging the airways and the coughing caused by bronchitis. Use special salt solutions for infants to prevent nasal obstruction. Drop this salt solution into your baby’s nose to soften the mucus. Again, take the special syringes produced for this purpose for babies from pharmacies to remove or clear the mucus.

What Is Bronchitis \ Causes And Treatments Of Bronchitis

Sputum Separators
Give to your baby to relieve chest obstruction from the expectorants recommended by your pediatrician. You can also get sore throat and proper medication for babies to reduce fever. Do not use any aspirin-containing pills for bronchitis treatment of your baby. Aspirin-containing medicines may cause a lethal reaction in infants known as Reye’s syndrome.

Protect your
baby from cigarette smoke, dust and other allergens. Limit the chemical substances you use for your cleaning. Instead, use substances such as carbonates and vinegar, which are natural alternatives. Carbonate and vinegar do not cause triggering odor or gas to other bronchitis infections like other chemicals.

Adapting to Your Medication and Recommendations
All medicines and antibiotics written by your pediatrician should continue to be given to your baby on a regular basis, albeit with improvement in your baby’s symptoms. In addition, pediatricians may recommend routine breathing treatment consisting of a lather, mask and various liquids for more severe bronchitis.

Keep Under Observation Keep your baby under constant observation to ensure that your baby does not have problems breathing, breathing, chest tightness, swelling in the tonsils, and fingertips and lips on the lips during treatment.


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