Bowen's Disease Treatment

Bowen’s Disease Treatment And Symptoms

Our today topic is bowen’s disease treatment.We will talk about bowen’s disease treatment.We will share bowen’s disease treatment and symptoms of bowen’s disease.Bowen’s disease; The skin is a disturbance manifested by the abnormal growth of the cells on the epidermis layer. Some specialists consider this a pre-cancer stage because this infection can turn into cancer. Others treat it as a regional cancer. According to statistics, 3% of stains are converted to skin cancer.

Bowen Disease Symptoms
Bowen’s disease symptoms include:

One or more stains on the skin that do not last for months
Stains; 1 to 3 cm in diameter with red and light swelling
The edges of the stains are irregular, but the surrounding is definitely different
The stains grow slowly
The stains may be in the form of irritation or scarring
The stains are generally rough and stiff, but the bark
As the stains grow, they can cause pain or itching and leave permanent scarring on the skin
Infection usually occurs in areas of the body that are exposed to the sun, such as the head, lower legs, and hands.

Bowen’s Disease Treatment And Symptoms

Reasons for Bowen Disease
The precise cause of the disease is unknown yet it is known to be not genetic or allergic. There are some risk factors that will increase the susceptibility to this infection.Bowen's Disease Treatment

Areas that are exposed to sunlight rarely stay in the sun for a long time
Radiation therapy with cancer caused by various causes
Contact with engineering oils or arsenic
Use of immunosuppressive drugs such as organ transporters
The disease seen in females higher than males usually occurs in people over 60 years of age
In rare cases the disease affects the sexual organs. This may be related to the sexually transmitted HPV virus. Some types of this virus cause cervical cancer.

Bowen Disease Treatment
“Wait and See” Process
Infection normally has a slow growth period that lasts for months or years. So if you see a small stain on your skin, you need to follow it carefully. However, it is also recommended that regular checks be carried out at the point of follow-up. Regular controls are particularly useful for patients with healing problems in the skin.

Also known as ice cream cryotherapy; to freeze the infection. When applying the method, liquid nitrogen is injected into the infected zone. At first it creates a feeling of chills and discomfort. Within a few weeks, the infected area will be stripped and poured.

Cream Driving
This treatment involves the use of anti-cancer drugs to cure the Bowen’s Disease. In this case, chemicals such as 5-fluorouracil or 5FU can be used. Alternatively, imiquimod can be used. The chemicals are applied regularly over the infected skin for a period of time.Bowen's Disease Treatment

5FU condition can make the skin red and infected without healing. Imiquimo cream uses the immune system to get rid of the infected skin cells. Skin redness and irritation may occur without complete healing.

Bowen’s Disease Treatment And Symptoms

Curettage and Electrocautery
This treatment; means the curettage, which means that the infected area is scraped, and then stopping the bleeding with the aid of electricity and heat. This treatment is suitable for small scars. The doctor will first anesthetize and stop the bleeding with a needle or an electrically heated loop after the damaged skin is scratched. This treatment can leave a scar on the skin.

Photodynamic Therapy
This method can be used in many cases including Bowen’s disease. It is especially used for patients with large infected injuries. It means that the light is used on the wound along with the light sensitive drugs on the infected cells. When this method is applied, light sensitive creamy zone is applied and it is left for 3-4 hours. After that a special light is reflected in the region for 10-15 minutes. The procedure may need to be repeated several times before it is fully healed.

Surgery The
Bowen Disease, consisting of minor injuries, may be helpful in the surgical procedure. Surgery is performed by local anesthesia and stitching may be required. This solution is not suitable for major injuries.Bowen's Disease Treatment

Laser Treatment In
this method, intense light is applied to get rid of damaged skin cells. It can be applied to Bowen’s Disease when seen in genital organs and fingers.

Post-Treatment Care After your
treatment, you should check with your doctor to see if you should go to regular care and continue treatment. You should also see your doctor if you have a new stain or a change in the treated spot.

Sun Protection
If you have Bowen Disease, you must be extra careful with the sun because it means you are at high risk for repetition. You can do this with 30 factors and over sun creams and clothes.


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