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Our today topic is blood circulation system.We will talk about blood circulation system.What is blood circulation system?For a healthy body, blood circulation must be regular. blood circulation systemYour circulatory system; transmit oxygen and nutrients to your cells; at the same time provides waste and carbon dioxide removal from your body. Deterioration of blood circulation can cause many illnesses, and these can often be life-threatening.

Blood circulation disorder; it can lead to diseases that can threaten important tissues. There are many methods that can be applied to prevent or correct circulatory disturbance to avoid these health risks.

Blood Circulation System

Circulatory Disorder Symptoms
If you think it is circulatory disturbance, there are a few things you need to be aware of. If you are not exercising regularly or if you are seeing one of the following symptoms:

1) Pain in Legs
See if you have any pain when using your legs. This situation called intermittent claudication; it is a sign that you have not got enough blood in your legs.blood circulation system

2) Consensus on Goals and Legs
You may feel numbness and weakness in the clubs and legs. It; It can also occur when you are on the move. In severe cases this can be accompanied by facial muscle disruption, facial sagging, and speech impairment. This should be serious because it is a sign that you do not have enough blood in your brain and it can cause a felcy. In addition to these symptoms, chest pain may indicate a heart attack.

3) Hand and Foot Hypnosis or Swelling
The hands and feet may become cold and swollen when there is not enough blood circulation. This is accompanied by a change of skin color and a low pulse. If your skin has a bluish tinge, this is a sign that your blood cells do not get enough oxygen.blood circulation system

4) Erection Problem in Men
In males, there may beblood circulation system a problem of erection if there is no regular blood circulation in the area below.

Blood Circulation System

You can also see the following:

Fatigue, fatigue quickly
Slow recovery from diseases
Loss of appetite
Skin foundation
Dizziness, memory loss

Circulatory Causes
Weakness in blood circulation can occur for many reasons, but the most common is vascular stiffness. Other possibilities should be taken into consideration if you suffer from low blood circulation.

1) Core Hardening
There are many reasons why the blood circulation in the body weakens. Vein curing is the most common of these. Curing of blood vessels; making it difficult to pump blood into the body, the most noticeable areas being hands and feet.

This situation; high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Causes such as smoking and aging can also lead to vessel stiffness.

Besides causing vascular stiffness, diabetes and high cholesterol cause the body to accumulate and accumulate more waste. These wastes adhere to your blood vessels and narrow your area to prevent blood flow. The harder the pumping blood in the body, the weaker the blood circulation. Malnutrition causes both this to happen and your body to deprive the nutrients that will support your circulatory system.

In some cases, foreign substances may be trapped in tissues or cells, and then the cells may weaken the circulation as they waste them into the bloodstream. These tissues may adhere to the walls of your veins and weaken your blood circulation.

2) Deep Vein Thrombosis
Some people with impaired blood circulation; deep vein thrombosis . This disease usually occurs when a blood clot remains in the veins and causes an infection.blood circulation system This usually indicates tenderness around the affected vessel, deterioration of the skin color and swelling. Some patients also have water reserves that will disturb the patient in nearby areas. People suffering from this condition are also concerned not only from poor blood circulation but also from another tissue damage of the blood clot that causes it.

3) Inadequate Exercise
Not exercising often can slow blood circulation. blood circulation systemWhen you maintain the same fixed position for a long time, the hip and legs become lazy, which weakens the blood circulation. Malnutrition and smoking combined with lack of exercise will increase your risk of getting into a dangerous situation.

4) Narrow Clothes
Tight clothing that completely blood circulation systemsurrounds the body can slow blood circulation, especially in the hip area. Pantyhose socks, narrow shirts and trousers with corset effect are examples of this type of clothes.

5) Stress
Stress can cause circulatory disturbances, blood circulation systemespecially in hands and feet. Stress can weaken the blood flow to the heart and important organs, as it can cause knots in the shoulders and muscles in the neck.

Blood Circulation System

Circulatory Disturbance Treatment
Following the determination of the underlying cause of the circulatory disorder, natural therapies, traditional medicines and lifestyle changes can alleviate or eliminate the situation.

Circulatory disorder; you can treat yourself with aerobic exercises, healthy eating, and medications prescribed by your doctor for pain and swelling.

1) Exercise

The best thing to do to get rid of your circulatory problem is to exercise often and lose weight. If you have circulatory failure, you should blood circulation systemstart with mild exercises and raise with more dynamic routines over time to avoid a disability. Cardio-based exercises are particularly necessary for these studies because this type of sports increases lymph secretion and strengthens your immune system.

2) Nutrition
Nutrition plays a major role in the circulatory disorder. Increase the consumption of foods rich in iron and vitamin C,blood circulation system such as lentils, beans, peas and citrus fruits. Foods loaded with vitamins E such as garlic, onion and olive oil will help dilute the blood and facilitate the flow of the body. Reduction of toxins such as sugar, fat and alcohol helps to lower the cholesterol causing circulation in the heart vessels and to strengthen the circulation.

3) Fish Oil
Increase fish consumption, blood circulation systemwhich is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Thus, by reducing the proportion of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, you can strengthen the blood circulation.

4) Drugs
There are many medications blood circulation systemthat will increase blood circulation. Blood-thinning drugs, anticoagulant drugs, anti-platelet agents allow the blood to maintain normal circulation.

5) Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes

These two addictive substances are alsoblood circulation system very important in the treatment of circulatory disturbances, which disturbs your blood circulation and affects your health badly.




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