Bloated Stomach Abdominal Pain

Stomach Bloating Causes and Treatment

Our today topic is bloated stomach abdominal pain.We will discuss causes and treatments of abdominal pain due to bloated stomach.There are so many reasons of stomach bloating and the pain in abdominal due to stomach bloating.Stomach bloating is a simple problem, but sometimes it can reach uncomfortable dimensions. Stomach bloating can result from excess gas accumulation in our midst, constipation, food sensitivity or intestinal syndrome.

What is stomach bloating?
Stomach bloating is a swelling of the abdomen with abnormal pain in the abdominal area. These aches can be sharp, causing stomach cramps. These pain can be anywhere in the abdominal area and the location can change rapidly.

A problem with stomach bloating is that when it is felt in the upper parts of the abdominal area it is mixed with heart pain. Sometimes when the discomfort is felt in the upper right abdominal region, it is also mixed with the gall bladder or appendicitis.

Bloated Stomach Abdominal Pain

Causes of Stomach Bloating
Stomach bloating may have common causes such as nutrition, lactose intolerance, reflux, constipation. Crohn’s disease and constipation such as obstruction in the intestines may also increase stomach bloating. Stomach bloating can indicate indigestible or semi-digested foods in the intestines. In addition, little or insufficient water consumption can contribute to stomach bloating. Water helps a lot of the body in the body and allows the food to digest and to go in the intestines. Fat foods also trigger swelling. Stomach bloating can become a serious problem especially in people who have lactose intolerance and also consume dairy products.

Some common and common causes of stomach bloating are:

Lactose Intolerance
Food allergies
Abnormal digestion
Air swallowing
Gas-producing foods
Intestinal parasites
Sensitive bowel syndrome
Partial bowel obstruction
Contraceptive pills
Excessive alcohol consumption
Very salty or processed foods
Low protein diet

In addition, abdominal tumors, stomach cancer, abnormally swollen organs may be caused by stomach bloating. Conditions that block the mechanism of digestion or the internal organs of the abdominal region may also cause stomach bloating.

Bloated Stomach Abdominal Pain

Stomach Bloating Symptoms
Common symptoms of stomach swelling include:

Stomach cramps
Abdominal pain
Gas formation and accumulation
Difficulty in breathing
Immediately seek medical advice if any of the following symptoms occur:

Severe abdominal pain
Stomach pain worsening over time
Bloody stool
Sudden weight loss

Recommendations for Stomach Bloating and Treatment Recommendations
The most effective tips that are good for stomach bloating are:

Fibers Prefer to
eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods, which have a high fiber content, will reduce swelling by allowing the digestive and excretion system to work better.

Do not Neglect the Liquid Almay
At least 7-8 glasses of water a day. Low-calorie, decaffeinated, sodium-free herbal teas can also be consumed.

Avoid from beverages and high sodium contents. Succulent fruits and foods and low sodium sodas can save half of their daily water needs. Also, beware of carbonated beverages. In soda-like carbonated beverages, carbon dioxide trapped in bubbles produces gas, slowing the formation of cavities and leading to stomach bloating.

Take Fresh Foods Take
care to consume fresh food, avoid packed and frozen products. Because the nutritional value of processed foods drops and the substances involved can be disturbed to prevent spoilage.

Sports Structure
to exercise accelerates the bowel movement as an adjunct to hormone release.

Attention to Dairy Products It is
necessary to be careful when consuming dairy products. But that does not mean you have to quit consumption of milk and dairy products. Lactose-reduced milk can be consumed. In the markets there is easier milk than digestion. Foods such as frozen yogurt and old kashar are suitable for stomach bloating because they contain a small amount of lactose.

Bloated Stomach Abdominal Pain

Vitamin intake In
women before the menstrual period, there is fluid accumulation in the abdomen area. Group B vitamins, magnesium and calcium consumed in women suffering from stomach bloating has been seen to reduce the complaints.

The temperature of the food is important
Avoid very hot and cold drinks. Too hot foods, consuming drinks and chewing gum cause swallowing of air and lead to stomach bloating.

Some Foods Increase Swelling
Food such as legumes, cauliflower, cabbage, beans, melon and apples should also be consumed in a controlled manner because they cause gastric bloating due to gas production. Also, foods containing very high amounts of fiber should be consumed to a minimum, until the stomach bloom is over, since it causes gas accumulation in the intestines.

Herbal Treatments
Plants such as fennel and burdock grass are quite effective for stomach bloating. Plants such as dill, ginger and cinnamon can also be used for the natural treatment of stomach bloating. Cinnamon and ginger accelerate the absorption of food by triggering digestion.

Drinking linden or mint tea after meals also prevents indigestion and swelling.

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