Bleeding From Belly Button Female

Bleeding From Belly Button Female

Our today topic is bleeding from belly button female.We will talk about bleeding from belly button female.Blood coming out of the belly hole is usually caused by an inflammation. Inflammation is a problem that can easily be treated after being diagnosed. In rare cases, the umbilicus bleeding is caused by a cyst. This may require surgery. In addition, a collision result may bleed the belly button.

Causes of umbilical cord hemorrhage
1 Corbicula Infusion
The belly hole is a damp, hot and dark place, perfect for bacterium and fungus poisoning. This can lead to inflammation of the umbilicus due to lack of hygiene and excessive sweating.

The first statement of belly button inflammation is the deep color change and bloating. Afterwards, blood and inflammation may come from the belly button. Bleeding can be very little or too much.

It is almost always the result of inflammation that the blood in the belly button is coming. For More Information: Corbicula Infusion

2 Good Huilu Cyst
A benign cyst around the belly button may cause bleeding. As a result of scratching or other physical contact, the cyst releases blood and inflammation by grabbing the infection. But this is not something to worry about.

Bleeding From Belly Button Female

3 Urakus Kisti
There is a sac that connects the unborn fetus with the belly button. But until birth, this pouch is completely closed. In rare cases, however, the pouch does not close and can subsequently become swollen, or a cyst may develop. This cyst may cause bleeding in the belly buttonhole.

This condition, which is usually seen in newborn babies, is rarely seen in adults.

Umbilicus hemorrhage treatment
Antibiotics In the
initial stages of inflammation, antibiotic creams will be sufficient to handle the problem. In a few days the inflammation will completely disappear and the bleeding problem will be completely solved.

However, oral antibiotics may be required when the inflammation progresses. Antibiotic treatment is also applied for inflammatory cysts with benign cysts.

It is very important to pay attention to personal hygiene so that inflammation does not spread more. In addition, you can occasionally clean the belly button with salt water or alcohol.

Surgery The
urachus cyst is a condition that needs to be taken seriously and treatment is needed to correct it.


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