Black Sputum

Black Sputum Reasons and Treatment

Our today topic is black sputum.We will talk about black sputum.We will discuss about black sputum reasons and treatments of black sputum.The wall of the respiratory system is covered by the protective mucus layer and all the way from the respiratory system to the lungs down to the lungs is established with small air bags. Protect the respiratory system from dirt, dust and infections.Black Sputum

Normal mucus is usually clean, but dark brown sputum may be a result of contamination of the respiratory tract and may be a sign of a serious health problem. But there are many ways to get rid of black sputum and prevent it from happening.

Black Sputum Reasons and Treatment

Causes of Black Sputum
The Rice and Powder
Mucus layer has a special task of catching and trapping dirt and dust and throwing it out of the body again. These dirt and dust are the most common cause of dark and black sputum. In every area of ​​our life there is dust, even in garden cleaning or gardening. These small particles of dust are caught by the mucus and change the color of the mucus.

2. Drinking
Smoking Smoking usually results in brown sputum, but sometimes it causes black sputum. Chemicals inside the cigarette damage the lung walls and damage the protection and properties of normal mucus. Spitting of continuous black sputum or bloody sputum is a very serious condition and requires medical intervention.

3. Environmental pollutants
Urban life develops together with air pollution, which is a trap for our respiratory tracts . The black sputum that comes after coughing or sneezing can be the end result. There are some occupations like coal mining that cause lung diseases or produce colorful sputum. In such cases the protective mask is the best protection.

4. Traditional Objects
Children love to put places where they do not belong, throw them to the left or right. This left-to-right material interrupts the flow of mucus and causes inflammation and infection. Contact with these materials will contaminate the mucus layer and change the color of the dirt mucus. This creates a terrible odor in children. Regardless, medical intervention with a foreign body is not recommended.Black Sputum

5. Fungal Infections
This can be a serious problem or sign of an important disease. Aspergillosis, blastomycosis and mucormycosis are fungal infections that cause sinusitis and lung infections. Mucormycosis is more common in diabetic patients and causes more serious damage to soft tissues due to infection.

Black Sputum Reasons and Treatment

Both sputum and mucus may appear dark and black. If any diabetic patient finds black sputum, he should see the doctor immediately. In addition, other lung problems such as emphysema (air between the tissues and organs) and cancer cause the mucus and sputum to appear black.

Black Sputum Rays
1. Spit on the sputum of
the water The end of the water loss of the body is very difficult and it is difficult to throw out the sticky sputum. Drink plenty of water every day. The respiratory tract can be cleared by breathing deeply and coughing at regular intervals. Avoid foods that produce excess sputum and harden your sputum. Extra breathing moisture in steam and hot drinking herbal teas will lose thick and imprisoned mucus.Black Sputum

2. Leaving the Digger and Clearing Your Liver
Once a person releases the cigarette, the mucus protection feature will increase. Small hairs called silia extend throughout the respiratory system. Their task is to push the mucus forward and allow it to accumulate in the throat, so you can run out, mush or sneeze my mucus. When the lungs begin to cleanse and renew themselves, body mucus protection returns to normal and the sila regains its normal function. The last symptom of healing is brown and black phlegm, which increases the frequency. This is a sign of your body being renewed. The bad news is that releasing the cigarette does not help to correct the damage to your lungs. Medicines and help may be needed for proper treatment.

3. Attaching Face Mask
Masks that completely close your mouth will block dirt, dust and other harmful particles from the surroundings. Make sure the muzzle completely covers your mouth and nose. Most masks have adjustable nose furrows and make sure that you are neatly sitting on your nose and that they block the particles during breathing. Adjustable masks for medical use are more expensive but prevent smaller particles and bacteria that cause tuberculosis. The masks used are visibly soiled or re-use becomes incompatible. Do not share your masks with other people to prevent the spread of microbes.

4. Protecting against
fungus The fungi are found everywhere in the environment and are not fully protected. People with a collapsed immune system are at greater risk of infection and need to take special precautions. Aspergillus (a type of fungus found in the soil) is the most common fungus that affects health and is compatible with the immune system of people, which can cause lung infection. To reduce the risk, follow these steps:Black Sputum

Wash your hands with water when your hand is crushed or dirty
Wear a high-grade mask (N95) when working in the garden, on construction sites or other dust and dirt removal work.
Use HEPA filter in your home and office

5. Look Around Your Home
Some areas of your home are prone to mushrooming. Check frequently in dark and humid places like the basement floor to see if there are fungus marks. If you live in a place with high humidity, you have the risk of exposure to mushrooms and mold. Call professional supervisors to evaluate your area when you suspect the mantle.Black Sputum

black sputum differential diagnosis

low neutrophils high lymphocytes

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