Best Meat Lasagna Recipe

Best Meat Lasagna Recipe

The Best Meat Lasagna Recipe is a recipe for lifelong those that never fails. He likes older and younger. Its elaboration, is not exceptionally difficult although, yes that it is necessary to follow a series of steps to realize it. However even the most novice in the kitchen will be able to prepare it. To make it, we will make a meat sauce and a béchamel sauce, which will add additional creaminess and flavor. Both sauces are detailed below.Recipes of momos chutney are very cheap recipes.

Ingredients To Make A Best Meat Lasagna Recipe For 2 People

8 slabs of lasagna pasta

1 onion

1 green pepper

1/2 red pepper

2 cloves garlic

500g of minced meat

250g fried tomatoes (tomato sauce)

Dried oregano


Salt and pepper

A handful of grated cheese

For Bechamel sauce:

800ml milk

65g oil or butter

65g all purpose wheat flour


A handful of grated cheese

Best Meat Lasagna Recipe:

  1. In a skillet with a little oil, put the onion, peppers and garlic, all chopped very finite. we suffer for about 10 minutes, while we remove from time to time.
  2. When the vegetable is softened a little, add the minced meat put salt and with a wooden spoon we crumble and integrate it well with the vegetable. We let it cook for a couple more minutes
  3. When you have cooked add the tomato sauce and sprinkle with dried perennial herb. We remove and let everything cook for about half an hour. Let evaporate some of the water that releases the vegetables and minced meat.
  4. Meanwhile prepare the  sauce. For this we put the butter, or oil, in another casserole and we heat it to gentle fire.
  5. Once hot add the flour. We mix both ingredients by stirring constantly with a stick for about 3 minutes
  6. Over time, add 200ml of milk and continue stirring rod. Let’s hope it gets hot and mix. At the beginning, there will be a fairly solid mazacote
  7. We cast another 200ml milk and repeat the previous step. There will remain a very dense sauce .
  8. We cast the 400ml of the remaining milk and mix. Now there will be a very fine sauce. So we want it for our minced meat lasagna. Add a small piece of cheese to the sauce and a pinch of salt and then let cook 10 more minutes
  9. Made all this assemble the lasagna. If you use precooked lasagna plates better than better. Nowadays they already sell them in any market. If not, you should cook them according to the manufacturer’s instructions, before starting to assemble.
  10. In a mold put a few tablespoons of the bechamel sauce. As a base so that it does not stick after the meat lasagna to it. Then with a spoon we spread it all over its surface

11- When done, put plates on the mold. As many as people go to eat (2 base plates = 2 people). Above, we put a few spoonfuls of the meat and vegetable sauce, sprinkling it all over the surface of the plates, and a few tablespoons of béchamel, spreading it all over the surface of the meat sauce. We close with two more lasagna plates and we will have ready the first floor of our lasagna

12- We repeat the previous step until you have made two more floors. In total, with a lasagna of three floors, should be sufficient

13- Once assembled, we put the remaining bechamel above. Sprinkle with more grated cheese and put it in the oven, heat up and down, at 200ºC. For about 25 minutes.

As I said, make a lasagna minced meat are a few steps, but it is easy to do. And it does not take too long even less if you use precooked lasagna plates! You can also read about  lasagna cottage cheese



Best Meat Lasagna Recipe


Best Meat Lasagna Recipe


Best Meat Lasagna Recipe


Best Meat Lasagna Recipe


Best Meat Lasagna Recipe


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