Best Bluetooth Headphones for Sports

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Sports in 2019

Listening to music during our sport sessions has become a habit. But if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises and enjoy good sound quality, it is important to choose the right Bluetooth headphones. In this article, we have prepared a short selection of the best Bluetooth headphones for sports in the market in 2019 available on

Due to the success of the Apple Airpods and the removal of the mini-jack on many Smartphone’s, the market of Bluetooth headphones has taken off lately. The number of references available on the market is so huge, so we are focused only on several models that offer the best value for money.

Of course, finding the best smartphone headphones is a very subjective and personal choice. The requirements for audio quality vary from user to user. Tightness (including its degree of water resistance) is also an important consideration to consider if you want to use earphones in special circumstances. You must therefore look specifically at the IP certification level.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Sports

1.     Anker Sound Spirit Pro

Marketed for less than 40 Euros by Anker, Soundcore Spirit Pro offers excellent value for money. The comfort and the IP68 certification make it possible to use these wireless earphones for any type of sports activity. Even over time, the headphones remain very pleasant and well fixed in the ear. Autonomy is also among the good points with almost 10 hours of listening.

While headphones are not particularly distinguished by their performance but for their price, they offer a decent musical experience and better than many of its competitors and in the absence of an active noise reduction system, the headphones, by design, also isolate rather well ambient noise. In short, an option to consider for all those looking for simple in-ear headphones to play sports without breaking the bank.

To remember

  • Wireless headphones
  • Attractive price
  • IP 68 water resistance

2.     Sony WF-SP700N

Available under the bar of 150 euros, Sony WF-SP700N earphones (WF for Wire Free, SP for SplashProof and N for Noise (Canceling)) are essentially the sporty version of its WF-1000X headphones. Interestingly, these headphones benefit from the Ambient Awareness feature that provides active noise reduction. Thus, this technology blocks all sources of distraction during your workouts.

Comfortable during sports sessions, Sony’s true wireless headphones also offer good sound quality that you will not be disappointed at all, given their price. We will regret simply an application not necessarily very intuitive for the sport and a globally average autonomy compared to its competitors.

To remember

  • True wireless earphones
  • Active noise reduction
  • IPX4 water resistance

3.     Jabra Elite Active 65t

Evolution of the Elite 65t model, the Jabra Elite Active 65t is the sporty model of the Danish manufacturer since they enjoy an IP56 certification for resistance to perspiration. For the rest, the different between the two models are pretty thin. The headphones retain the same qualities, namely a very good sound quality, excellent comfort (including sports sessions), a nice workmanship and ease of use, especially to pair with your smartphone.

An accelerometer is also part of the Jabra Elite Active 65t giving you additional information about your efforts via the mobile application, available for free on Android and iOS. The headphones get closer to the features offered by the JBL under Armor Sport Wireless.

To remember

  • True wireless earphones
  • IP56 water resistance
  • Easy to use
  • Very limited sport functions

4.     Bose SoundSport Free

Obviously, Bose also offers in its range of headphones to do its sport. Two products are particularly suitable: Bose SoundSport Wireless and Bose SoundSport Free. I decided to retain the latter which are 100% wireless earphones in-ear.

While this 100% wireless system can sometimes be dangerous and more prone to falling, the Bose SoundSport Free simply offers outstanding ergonomics, ensuring a perfect fit, and offers premium comfort. Whether in terms of autonomy, use or connectivity, Bose’s true wireless headphones absolutely do not disappoint. Finally, his side, we find the typical leg of Bose with a characteristic sound of the manufacturer.

To remember

  • True wireless earphones
  • IPX4 water resistance
  • Sound quality
  • Good autonomy

5.     Beats Powerbeats Pro

The latest from the American manufacturer, the Beats Powerbeats Pro are the first true wireless model of the brand. They offer a design that can reassure some athletes with a hoop that comes around the ear. Like the second-generation AirPods, they ship the H1 chip from Apple and can therefore benefit from the features that result, such as a faster connection to the iPhone and the “Dis Siri” feature in hands-free mode in particular. Powerbeats Pro is also IPX4 certified to withstand all weather conditions and physical activities.

For the rest, we find a good quality of finish and a convincing audio part. Beats still retains a bit loud in “bass” but the mediums are well defined. The distortion is also very well managed. Finally, the complete controls, the simplicity of use and their very good autonomy (more than 10 hours) will satisfy the most demanding.

To Remember

  • True wireless earphones
  • Comfort
  • IPX4 water resistance
  • Very generous autonomy

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