Benefits Of Yogurt

Yogurt Benefits and Nutritional Values

Our today topic is benefits of yogurt.There are so many benefits of yogurt but we will discuss few benefits of yogurt.One of the integral parts of our processors, yogurt is a food obtained from the end of bacterial fermentation of the pods. That said, it was a little appetite reduction; but we all know how yummy you are, how delicious, indispensable, and at the same time how high your nutritional value is. The actual event is exactly as follows: Lactose in the buckwheat is converted into lactic acid by bacteria in the kneader. Thus, a product that is easier to digest and which allows calcium contained in milk products to be absorbed better is emerging.

Benefits Of Yogurt

Yogurt Nutritional Values
100 grams of whole fat yogurt is 61 calories. 29 of these calories come from the oil. There are 3.5 grams of protein in 100 grams of yogurt. Dairy products come to the forefront with their rich calcium content, one of them in yogurt. With 100 grams of yogurt, you can meet 12% of your calcium needs. Calcium is a must for strong bones and healthy teeth. However, many people are not able to meet their daily calcium needs. This creates problems in the bones and teeth.

Yogurt also contains good amounts of potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, zinc, B5 and B12 vitamins.

Benefits Of Yogurt

Yogurt Benefits
The yogurt-containing bacteria offer a variety of health benefits in the presence of calcium and other nutrients. Once you have seen the benefits of kneading why your meals should be indispensable, then you will once again disrespect.

Kidney Digestion Milking
Milk Drinking milk for many people is equivalent to stomach problems because of protein allergy or lactose intolerance. Yogurt turns into digestion easier during fermentation. Because, during the fermentation of the kneader, the enzyme lactate, which is missing in people with lactose intolerance, occurs. Some of the milk protein casein is digested, so it is less allergic and more easily absorbed.

Yogurt Gourmet Healthy
Yogurt meal is useful in two aspects to the intestinal health. The first one contains yogurt lactobacteria. These bacteria enable the intestines to carry out their functions in a healthy manner. This reduces colon cancer risk. Lactobacterium transforms harmful substances into harmless substances and neutralizes them without becoming carcinogenic.

Benefits Of Yogurt

Second, yogurt is a rich source of calcium. Calcium benefits colon health and reduces colon cancer risk. Calcium prevents overgrowth of cells on the intestinal surface. It also binds to acids that produce cancer, making them harmless. With the benefits of these two ways, the yogurt helps the intestines perform their duty in a healthy manner. It has been found that in countries where calcium is abundant in diets (Scandinavian countries), colon cancer is less common. According to one study, intake of 1200 mg calcium per day reduces the risk of colon cancer by 75%.

Yogurt Facilitates the Absorption of Other Food Ingredients
Yogurt fermentation facilitates the absorption of calcium and vitamin B complex vitamins. The lactic acid in the kneader helps digestion of milk calcium, facilitating its absorption.

Yogurt Can Enhance the Immune System
According to a study, 500 grams of yogurt per day eclipses the immune system response to increase the level of the interferon was seen to high levels. In addition, bacterial cultures of the kneader increased the white blood cells that fight against infections. In some studies on animals, it has been observed that the yoghurt has a factor with anti-tumor characteristics.

Benefits Of Yogurt Weightloss

In a study conducted by the University of Tennessee, a relationship was found between 500 grams of yogurt added daily diets and melting of abdominal fat. Dr. According to Michael Zemel, the abdominal fat in the yogurt makes it possible to produce fewer cortisol hormones. So it helps to lose weight. In other words, the calcium taken with yogurt allows the body to burn fat instead of storage.

Yogurt Contains Good Bacteria
Although many people perceive bacterial kelms as something that harms the body, it has been found that kneading actually contains good bacteria. Because fermented products such as yoghurt contain beneficial living microorganisms in the body. These organisms, called probiotics, are particularly useful for the digestive system. It also strengthens the immune system.

Yogurt Helps Reduce Hypertension Riskin A
recent study found that regular consumption of dairy products helps reduce high blood pressure risk. Dr. According to A doctor  (epidemiology researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health), the risk of getting high blood pressure decreases by 50% in those who consume 3 servings of yogurt a day.

Benefits Of Yogurt

In a study by Washington University, subjects were tested for hunger, satiety and how much calories they consumed the next day. Yogurt and fruit juice activities were investigated in this research, the most delicious food yogurt was seen. Protein-rich foods such as yogurt were better satisfied with hunger than those with low protein ratios.

Yogurt Bone Erimesine (osteoporosis) Protect Against
Bone disease is a disease that increases the risk of cracking bones. Calcium and vitamin D in yogurt reduce the risk of bone loss to a great extent, and the disease with bone erysema is also an important benefit. While the calcium bones found in yogurt strengthen, vitamin D also increases the absorption of calcium.

Yogurt Muscles Yen Yogurt
protein yogurt is making a good choice of spoons next best food. The protein provides the amino acids needed for the muscles to repair themselves. In addition, the carbohydrate in the yogurt also reinforce muscles that are not energized after exercise.

Yogurt Reduces Cholesterol Level
Several studies show that yogurt can reduce cholesterol levels. For this reason, it may be that the bacteria in the kneader destroy the cholesterol, and the kneader may be able to neutralize them by binding to the bile acids that raise the cholesterol.

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