Benefits of Lemon Tea

Benefits of Lemon Tea

Our today topic is benefits of lemon tea.Tea is an important part of our daily life in our country. Especially after drinking tea is an indispensable habit for some of us to drink tea. But experts warn you not to drink tea in the next hour from the meal. Because some ingredients in the tea affect the iron absorption negatively. A study published in the “Consumer Reports” magazine in 2004 showed that tea could prevent iron absorption by up to 64%. This is an iron deficiency that is common in women, especially the anemia is inviting.

If you are saying, “Is this a way out,” I suggest you go to the lemonade. It is possible to prevent this problem to a great extent by squeezing a little lemon juice or adding a thin slice of lemon.

Benefits of Lemon Tea

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The negative effect of tea on iron absorption can be overcome by the rich lemon that is rich in vitamin C. Because vitamin C significantly increases iron absorption. Certain ingredients, such as tannins in tea, bind to iron minerals to make them useless, while vitamin C accelerates and enhances absorption by providing a suitable environment for the absorption of iron. So if you want to drink some tea right after you eat, consider adding some lemon.

Another benefit of the lemon layer is to protect the antioxidants contained in the tea during digestion. Antioxidants are organic compounds that help cells to stay healthy by fighting harmful free radicals. Antioxidants protect against many diseases caused by free radicals.

Benefits of Lemon Tea

Antioxidant type catechin found in abundance in tea . This component reduces the risk of cancer, heart attack and other diseases. But, unfortunately, a significant part of the catechin is broken down by digestive enzymes and is not well absorbed in the catechin intestines. After absorption in the intestines, less than 20% of the catechin remains in the body. According to a study by Purdue University, vitamin C prevents this catechin from breaking down and contributes to further absorption. You can add more than 90% of catechin to the body by adding lemon to the croquet. So you can reduce the risk of your body getting sick.

You can further strengthen the tea by adding lemon, which is useful as providing concentration, strengthening the immunity and protecting against many diseases. It is in your hand to make a part of your lemon tea habit, which is a good duo with tea in the sense of taste.

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