Benefits of Cold Shower

10 Benefits of Cold Shower

Benefits of Cold Shower is our today topic.There is a long history in many cultures with cold showers. In Finland, Russia, Thailand, Korea and Japan, this tradition is still going on. In the 1920s a famous farmer from Vincenz Priessnitz made a famous anda cold shower. He said that the cold shower concept presented to the market as a medical treatment in the name of hydrotherapy was good for many diseases. By the second half of the 20th century, hydrotherapy had lost much of its popularity. Because people started to trust the doctors and the drugs more. However, hydrotherapy continued to be used as a valid treatment.

Benefits of Cold Shower

Here are 10 reasons for this:

1. Reinforce Immunity
Cold showers offer a protective effect against colds, flu and infections. In a study conducted in Prague, an increase in the number of 2 types of white blood cells (monocytes and lymphocytes) was observed in people entering the cold water 14 times a week for 6 weeks. Lymphocytes have a very important role in the removal of bacteria, viruses and toxins. Researchers believe that the body’s desire to heat itself is that the increased metabolic rate activates the immune system, thus producing more white blood cells. As a result, the risk of colds, flu and even some types of cancer is decreasing regularly in cold shower areas.

2. Blood Circulation Remediation
Good blood circulation is very important for cardiovascular health. The blood circulation heals with the cold shower. When contact with cold water, blood vessels narrow. This constriction increases blood flow velocity. Why is blood circulation good? Good blood circulation prevents high blood pressure and strengthens blood vessels. When blood circulation is good, all body systems work better, so you look better and feel better.

Benefits of Cold Shower

3. Temperature Arrangements
Cold showers provide a good form of stress that leads to thermogenesis (production of body heat). Thus, your body’s repair systems become active. If you are suffering from chronically cold hands and feet or are sweating too much, try the cold shower.

4. Accelerates Metabolism and Lose Weight
Brown fat cells are often used in energy production as opposed to white fat cells. Contact with cold water allows the production of brown fat cells. These cells burn the glucose and try to produce more heat energy. More brown fat cells cause more energy to be burned, resulting in faster weight loss. Increased brown fat levels, increased blood pressure and body temperature, along with faster chemical reactions. Increasing the rate of metabolism is what many people are looking for. Because it accelerates weight loss and increases muscle production.

Benefits of Cold Shower

5. Decrease Depression
The cold shower also helps prevent and help depression. According to a study conducted at Virginia Commonwealth University, cold water is warning the blue spots of the brain. Blue spots are the noradrenaline production area of ​​the brain. Noradrenaline is a hormone used to prevent depression.

6. Strengthen the Lymphatic System
The lymphatic system releases the waste materials out of the body and splashes with pathogens (diseases). Transport of waste materials is provided by lymph fluid. The movement of the lymph fluid is caused by contraction of the muscles. Since the cold shower allows all muscles in the body to contract, the lymphatic system works better. Thus, the waste materials are discharged faster than the body. If the lymphatic system does not function well, the waste materials accumulate at the extremities of the body. This causes various health problems.

Benefits of Cold Shower

7. Deep Breath
You will feel the effect of the cold show clearly in your breath. The cold shower opens the lungs and allows more oxygen to be extracted. So you will feel less tired and less tired when doing sports.

8. Healthy skin and hair
Hot water dries skin and hair. On the other hand, cold water hair is brighter and makes the skin healthier. Cold water prevents the formation of acne because it narrows the pores. It also contributes to detoxification, allowing toxins and waste materials to be expelled from the skin. So the skin looks cleaner and younger.

Benefits of Cold Shower

9. Increase energy and vitality
There are many advantages to finishing your show with cold water. It is known that the ancient samurai warriors put their heads into cold water every morning. It was a ritual of purification on this spiritual level. They believed that they had cleansed their souls and made a fresh start to the sun. The cold shower definitely makes it more lively and energetic. The heart starts to burst and the sleepy lethargy disappears.

10. Increase Hormone Production
The cold shower increases the activity of the hormone glands, allowing more hormone secretion in the body. For example, it can help those who wish to have children as a great benefit in the reproductive system. The number of sperm drops as the temperature increases. Therefore, cold water can also work in this regard.

Benefits of Cold Shower

How to Begin
You can provide degrees of transition from hot water to cold water. For many people, a sudden change can be a source of stress that can not be removed. A good way to add a cold shower routine to your daily routine is to turn off cold water in the last minute of your shower.

Important note: Taking a cold shower is not recommended for people with any kind of heart disease. Because it can cause some complications by forcing the heart.

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