Homemade Barbecue Pizza

Homemade Barbecue Pizza

Homemade Barbecue Pizza , is a pizza with a base of barbecue sauce, meat (usually chicken) and cheese. It is one of the most successful pizzas, especially in fast food restaurants, such as Italian Pizza or Mushroom Pizza. Here, we will make a homemade barbecue pizza, which will always be more satisfactory to make and, which will certainly be more good (I do not know if you will agree with me but, I think, homemade is always better). Without further delay, let’s go for the homemade pizza pizza recipe.Olive Fryer oil is good for our health we can use this oil to make our dishes.Sweet potato ale recipe is very easy recipe.

Ingredients For A Barbecue Pizza For 2 People:

250 g of plain flour. No meal of strength or other special flour is required

About 140 ml of water.

10 g fresh baker’s yeast. Of 3 g dried baker’s yeast

A splash of olive oil

A flat teaspoon of salt

50 g of chicken breast

Two tablespoons of  barbecue sauce

100 g grated mozzarella cheese

How To Make Barbecue Pizza:

 1.- We make the pizza dough. For this, we mix in a bowl the flour, the yeast, the salt, the squirt of olive oil and finally the water. The water is better to throw it slowly since, not all the meals absorb the same amount of water (depends on marks). It will be enough when we have a dough that sticks a little to the hands. Once this is achieved, let the dough stand for one minute, so that it absorbs the water well and is easier to knead.

2.Now we knead the pizza dough. A kneading of about 10 minutes will suffice. There should be a thin, elastic mass. Put the dough in the same bowl where we mix the ingredients, cover with a damp cloth, so that it does not dry and let it ferment until it has doubled in size. Depending on the season of the year (and therefore, the temperature) can be between one and two hours.

3.- When you have doubled the size, we give the shape to the pizza. I always advise doing it with my hand since, if done with a roller, all the gas inside the pizza is lost. And it is interesting that it is spongy. If you do not want to complicate, shape it with the roller, but if you decide to do it with the hand, throw a good handful of flour on the counter and proceed to crush the dough, on the flour, first the outside of the dough and then From the center outwards. Go slowly giving it shape and without haste, until it has been more or less rounded. Then place the pizza dough on a kitchen paper and, the ingredients on it (if you want a barbecue pizza with the fat edges, like the image above, as simple as leaving the edges free of ingredients. , Once in the oven, the edges will be free of weight and will rise). We put the ingredients. First we put the barbecue sauce. Then the chicken cut into small pieces with a pinch of salt and finally the grated mozzarella cheese on top.

4.-  There is a kitchen trick to emulate a wood oven at home and I explain below. Put the oven plate in the lower slit of the oven and preheat the oven to the maximum of. Once you have reached the maximum temperature, we put the pizza, with oven paper included and let it cook for about 10 minutes. Until we see that it is cooked below (we can lift it every few minutes, with a flat spoon, to see it and check it, so that it does not pass and it burns!). When it is cooked, we turn off the oven and raise it to the upper slit, leaving it there for another minute, so that it finishes cooking. And we have finished this delicious homemade barbecue pizza!

Of course, if you do not want to complicate your life with baking, you can leave the homemade barbecue pizza in the middle slit, at 200ºC, for about 15 minutes. This will also cook, but I recommend that you use the trick here! It will look fabulous!


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