Best Baked Onion Recipes

Best Baked Onion Recipes

Baked onion recipes are very famous now .These easy onion rings are made very quickly and with few ingredients. In addition, all of them within reach of the whole world. In your house, right now you probably have them all. Most important of all is that they are very rich. There are many ways to make homemade onion rings. In this web, there is already another version uploaded and here, I want to show another one that is even easier to do.There are also so many roasted onions recipes we can make or we can roast onion in different ways like chicken .Recipes of oats are very easy and these recipes of oats are cheap recipes.

Baked Onion Recipes  Ingredients

INGREDIENTS to make easy onion rings for 4 people:

 2 medium onions

200 g of normal wheat flour

1 egg

1 teaspoon salt

Oil for frying

Baked Onion Recipes

1.- We prepare the onion. We cut it in the width, in slices of 1 cm of thickness more or less.

2.- With the fingers, we are separating the different layers of the onion. The center that does not serve us, we save it for another elaboration. The shell and the first layer that are quite hard, we throw them. We will have prepared the onion in the form of a ring.

3.- We prepare a mixture. In a bowl we put the wheat flour, the egg, the salt and the sauce. We mix everything well with a fork or rod, without any lumps. There should be a liquid mass but, with enough density so that it sticks a bit to the rod or fork but, that falls immediately.

4.- We put one by one and in small batches the onion rings in the mixture.

5.- We fry., the mass of the hoops will grow in the frying. We fry on strong fire, but not too much or will burn, for about 30 seconds on each side. Finally we remove and place on a grid, so that they maintain their creaking

Some rings onion and fast easy to do. If you are started in the kitchen, this recipe is for you. If you are not so, try them, they are very rich!


Best Baked Onion Recipes Best Baked Onion Recipes Best Baked Onion Recipes Best Baked Onion Recipes Best Baked Onion Recipes Best Baked Onion Recipes Best Baked Onion Recipes


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