baked chicken nuggets

Baked Chicken Nuggets

These baked chicken nuggets , are actually a conventional chicken nuggets only that made baked to make them healthier. The ingredients are practically the same, eliminating the oil and removing therefore a heap of calories. Also the step of flushing them during the breading is eliminated. As a result we will have healthy chicken nuggets that, although it is certain that they will be a little more dry, we will also take a bunch of calories.Chicken nuggets are children first choice instead of any other fast food things. Now a day many of people love to eat  homemade chicken fingers instead to go in any restaurant or hotel .There are so many recipes of noodles. Here is your recipe:

INGREDIENTS to make about 20 baked chicken nuggets :

500g chopped chicken meat

Two slices of bread, without the crust

1/2 cup milk

salt and pepper

Egg and breadcrumbs, to brown them

Optionally, 0% fat cheese

Baked Chicken Nuggets RECIPE:

1. In a bowl, put the chopped chicken and season. Then add the bread crusts, milk and optionally the cheese. These three last ingredients will give the nuggets creaminess. We mix well with our hands

2. When you become a homogeneous mass, we can let it sit around in the fridge half an hour.

3. When it is very hot and malleable (you can get wet a little hands so you will not stick) we take a small portion and crush a bit, giving the characteristic shape of

nugget. Then we passed it through egg and breadcrumbs and finished giving it the shape. We place it on oven or vegetable paper

4. Once all the put in the oven at 200 ° C, heat up and down. In about 15 minutes you will be ready.


baked chicken nuggets


baked chicken nuggets


baked chicken nuggets


baked chicken nuggets


baked chicken nuggets


baked chicken nuggets


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