Back Pain Causes

Back Pain Causes And Treatment

Our today topic is on back pain causes and treatment.Waist retention can happen to every person at any moment. You may feel a sudden eclipse or spasm in the back or waist area while walking quickly or lifting a heavy thing. After this eclipse, you can not get up properly.

Echocardiography can be caused by an inconsequential contraction or a spinal injury. But they both usually make the same statement. For this reason, it is very difficult to describe exactly what it is.

Back Pain Causes And Treatment

There may be many reasons for back pain.

1. Spinal Problems

Herniated Disc effects such as small spoon like a pillow blocks between our spine, our spine is exposed daily colon absorbs shocks. Aging and disability can cause these discs to break and can cause severe pain and tenderness by pressing against the nerve in our spinal cord.
Sciatic (Hip Sinus) Pain
It is felt in the sciatic nerve that descends down from the stalls, and the end result of pressure on the spinal discs.
Calcification Calcification in the
bones can often affect the waist and can cause painful narrowing of the spinal canal, also called spinal stenosis.

2. Emotional Stress
When we are under stress, we become more prone to overburden our waist and back seats without realizing it. This can cause occasional sudden back pain, sometimes intermittent back pain.

Back Pain Causes And Treatment

3. Daily Habits
Small things you do every day can cause you to be held in your waist area and cause pain. Some of these daily habits include:

Using high heeled shoes
Using heavy bag and thick wallet
Driving for a long time
Sit for a long time
Posture disorder (hunchback)
Heavy load on the back

There are many treatments and precautions in the treatment of waist retention, but the surgery option is the last choice. Because the structure of the spinal cord is very confusing and the number of nerves passing through is very high. For this reason, waist surgery is a risky procedure with backache and aches and the chances of success are around 50%. Many experts recommend other approaches that can achieve 90% success in reducing back pain and stiffness before going under the knife.

1. Home Treatment Methods

Strengthening the abdominal area Strengthening
the muscles in the abdominal area allows the back muscles to see their own function and reduce the pressure on the spinal cord. You can strengthen your abdominal area with shuttle movements provided you do not force your waist.
Use of
medication Anti-inflammatory drugs and over-the-counter muscle relaxants, which are sold without prescription, reduce inflammation in your belly and relieve spasms by reducing pain.
Physical Therapy The
backbone needs constant stretching, stretching and twisting movements. To sit still for hours is to invite them to hold back. For this reason, we have to do back exercises such as stretching, stretching and strengthening in order to pass back pain. These exercises can strengthen our back muscles and increase our flexibility, allowing us to reach our normal working conditions more quickly. Generally, patients begin to feel better within 72 hours.
Epidural Injections
Your doctor can inject powerful medications (steroids) directly into the spinal cord. This destroys the inflammation very effectively and quickly.
Acupuncture According to the article published
in Archives of Internal Medicine in 2009 , acupuncture (a method applied by introducing fine needles into your body’s pressure points) is a much more effective way to be relied on for other traditional methods and medication treatments.

Back Pain Causes And Treatment


Stress Wound Stress is one of the sources of back pain and most back pain. Waist holdings increase the likelihood of sudden muscle retention when repressed feelings trigger tension on the body and eventually wear off nerves and muscles are exposed to oxygen. For this reason it is important to learn about these connections and to avoid negative feelings and stressful situations. A doctor or psychiatric help can also be used for this purpose.

3. Chiropractic Treatment If the
eclipse and aches are in the waist region, the problem may be the whole vertebrae. If there is a shift in the vertebrae in ciropraktic treatment, these are corrected. Frequent doctor visits are made for this.

Back Pain Causes And Treatment

4. Surgery
Surgery is usually used as a last choice but in cases where other treatment methods have failed. Surgery is done when the spine is bending, when the space surrounding the spinal nerves is narrowed, when the nerves are inflamed (inflammation) or when the discs are deformed.

We need to avoid any kind of movement that forces our waist region in our daily lives to prevent them from being held back by all these. For example, ladies should not use high heels, should not use heavy bags and thick wallets, avoid sitting for a long time, avoiding driving cars, and not carrying heavy loads on the back.

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