B12 Deficiency

B12 Deficiency Indications And Causes

Today we will discuss b12 deficiency causes and indications.Do you feel tired all the time? Are you complaining that it is not as good as your memory? Or are you in depression? The underlying cause of all these problems may be lack of B12 vitamins.

B12 Deficiency Indications And Causes

Vitamin B12, found only in animal foods (meat and dairy products), is needed to produce enough red blood cells in the bone marrow. Vitamin B12 is stored in the liver and can last up to 5 years in full. B12 deficiency is defined as the inability to store enough vitamin B12 in the body. This causes the blood cells to be below the level that is supposed to be, ie, the malevolent mother . Mental problems such as lack of focus, lack of attention, forgetfulness and changes in mood can occur in the absence of B12.

B12 Incomplete Symptoms
Not enough red blood cells can be produced in the absence of vitamin B12. In this case, there is not enough blood to reach the various cells and organs of the body. There are some disruptions in cells and organs that can not use the oxygen that red blood cells carry. In addition , lack of B12 leads to mental problems, since vitamins are involved in the synthesis of the myelin sheath that surrounds the nerve cells .

The indication for B12 vitamini deficiency generally appears slowly and is not immediately noticed. If the situation is deteriorating, the following common symptoms may arise:

B12 Deficiency Indications And Causes

Weakness and exhaustion
Head Turn and Fainting Feeling
Acceleration of Palpitations and Heartbeats
Shortness of breath
Occurrence on the Scratches and Dilin Red Appearance Almost
Loss of stomach bulimia and appetite
Weight Loss
Your Eyes and Deeply Yellowish Colors
If the deficiency of B12 persists for a long time, this can create irreversible problems in the brain cells, so that the following symptoms may occur:

Hands and Feet, Tingling
Stress in the Walk
Slimming in the Muscle
Loss of memory

B12 Deficiency Indications And Causes

Why Does B12 Deficiency Cause?
Vitamin B12 deficiency can occur for the following reasons:

1. Insufficient
intake of B12 Vitamin B12 deficiency is inevitable in people who do not consume enough animal food and those who are vegetarian (not eating meat, fish, eggs and dairy products). B12 deficiency in eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia) is again associated with the diet.

2. Intrinsic Factor Deficiency
Intrinsic factor is a protein secreted by cells in the stomach membrane. This protein binds to vitamin B12 and carries the vitamin B12 to be absorbed in the intestines. The absence of intrinsic factor is the most common cause of malignant anemia.

3. Patients
undergoing gastric surgery can be seen in those who have undergone gastric surgery resulting in the removal of a section of vitamin B12 deficiency.

4. Overcrowding of Bacteria 
passage of diets, scleroderma (skin hardening), stricture (stiffness in various parts of the body) and food taken in diverticula patients slows through the intestines. This causes intestinal bacterial growth and overgrowth. These bacteria use the vitamin B12 for their own needs, so that the vitamin B12 deficiency occurs.

B12 Deficiency Indications And Causes

Disappearance of B12 Deficiency
Your doctor will ask you questions about how you are fed and whether you have anemia in your family. Your doctor will also consider whether you have any medical condition that causes B12 deficiency, such as diabetes, immune problems, or stomach surgery.

Your doctor will want you to take some tests from your medical history or symptoms because of the lack of B12 vitamins. By doing a physical examination before that, your tongue will not see reddening, you will see if you have jaundice, and your heart will listen. Laboratory tests include:

Standard tests to determine the level of red blood cells and their appearance: In the absence of B12 red blood cells are abnormally large and abnormal.

Blood tests to measure B12 levels: Iron and folic acid levels are also measured by this test.

Methylmalonic acid Blood tests to measure acid levels: Methylmalonic acid increases in people with B12 deficiency.

Blood tests for intrinsic factor antibody: If you have a malignant anemia, your doctor may make special tests to measure the antibody level. Most people with intrinsic factor deficiency in their pancreas are found in the blood of these antibodies.

B12 Deficiency Indications And Causes

Bone Marrow Biopsy: Very rarely, bone marrow biopsy can be performed to confirm diagnosis. In this procedure, a needle is inserted into the pelvic bone just below the belly, and a piece is taken from the bone marrow. The bone marrow sample is examined for anemia in anemia or red blood cells.

How long will it get better?
With proper treatment, the B12 deficiency symptom begins to heal within a few days. Depending on the vegetarians and diets, people with B12 deficiency can get rid of this problem thanks to diets designed to increase the intake of B12 vitamini pills, B12 vitamine needles and B12 vitamins. People with malignant anemia or those with a B12 deficiency due to absorption problems in the intestines have to get a needle every 1 to 3 months.

Prevention of B12 Deficiency
If you can not afford it, you should be careful to take vitamin B12.

B12 Deficiency Indications And Causes

For people with problems with absorption of B12, the lack of B12 is inevitable. But once diagnosed, this problem is no longer encountered by regular needles.

B12 Containing Vitamins
The foods that contain B12 vitamins are most accurate to the following:

Red meat
The fish

B12 Deficiency B12 Deficiency B12 Deficiency B12 Deficiency B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 can be produced by the body, if at all. Milk B12 also contains vitamin B12 during processing.

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