Foot Ankle Pain

Causes And Treatment Of Foot Ankle Pain

Our today topic is foot ankle pain.We will share the causes of foot ankle pain.What are the treatments of foot ankle pain.What are the symptoms of ankle foot pain.How to get rid of pain in foot ankle.Ankle pain is a very common complaint, based on many causes. It is important that the exact cause of Continue reading

HELLP Syndrome

What is HELLP Syndrome?

Our today topic is hellp syndrome.We will share the causes of hellp syndrome.What are the treatments of hellp syndrome?What are the symptoms of hellp syndrome?HELLP syndrome is a rare but very serious disorder in pregnancy. This disease can develop rapidly especially in the last 3 months of pregnancy. It can also start shortly after getting Continue reading

Throat And Ear Pain

Throat And Ear Pain Causes And Treatment

Our today topic is throat and ear pain.We will share the causes and treatments of throat and ear pain.Ear and throat pain can occur together.What are the main cause of throat and ear pain? An inflammation in the throat often affects the ear, as there is a connection between the ear and the throat, called the Continue reading

Reye Syndrome

Reye Syndrome Symptoms And Treatment

Reye Syndrome is our today topic we will talk about reye syndrome.What are the causes of reye syndrome?What are symptoms of reye syndrome? Also what are the treatments of reye syndrome?Reye’s syndrome is a very rare disease that affects both the brain and the liver. It is commonly seen in children who are recovering from a Continue reading

Salivary Gland Stone

Salivary Gland Stone Indications And Treatment

Our today topic is salivary gland stone. What are the indications and treatments of salivary gland stone. Also we will share what is salivary gland stone?It is possible to form one or more stones on the salivary glands. These stones are called salivary gland stones. These stones prevent the spitting of the spit, causing the person to suffer Continue reading

Septic Arthritis

Septic Arthritis Symptoms And Treatment

Our today topic is septic arthritis.We will share the symptoms of septic arthritis and also treatments of septic arthritis.Septic arthritis is the condition that results in infection in the joints and causes severe pain . It occurs when microbes from other parts of the body are affected by joints or microbes enter joints as a Continue reading

Serotonin Syndrome

Serotonin Syndrome Symptoms And Treatment

Our today topic is Serotonin Syndrome.We will share the symptoms of Serotonin Syndrome also treatments of Serotonin Syndrome.What are the causes of Serotonin Syndrome?Serotonin is a chemical that allows brain cells to communicate with each other and with other nerve cells. The absence of serotonin in the brain leads to depression, but excessive amounts of Continue reading

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms and Treatment

Our today topic is carpal tunnel syndrome.Symptoms and treatments of carpal tunnel syndrome.We will share some causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.Carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve pincushion on the wrist results. Carpal tunnel syndrome is responsible for many of the cases such as stinging, burning, numbness in fingers and palms. Carpal tunnel surgery should be considered as Continue reading

How To Get Rid Of Baby Acne On Face

What causes acne in babies and how does it go?

Our today topic is how to get rid of baby acne on face?We will share the best solution of how to get rid of baby acne on face?What do you think what is the best why to get rid of baby acne on face and how we get rid of this.Although it is annoying for Continue reading

Tuberculosis In Infants

Causes And Treatment Of Tuberculosis In Infants

Our today topic is tuberculosis in infants.We will talk about tuberculosis in infants and share causes and treatments of tuberculosis in infants.Also known as aphids, cannabis; in the mouth, on the cheek, on the lips, in the throat, sometimes even on the skin. Thrush; should not be confused with cold sores on the lip and Continue reading