Apple Yogurt Recipe

Apple Yogurt Recipe

Our today recipe is Apple Yogurt Recipe. Apple Yogurt Recipe is a very simple and easy recipe. Apple Yogurt Recipe is also a healthy recipe.Now any one can make apple pancake by following this easy Apple Yogurt Recipe.

This caramelized apple dessert with yogurt is very easy to make. But the best part is that it is delicious. Being such a quick and simple recipe, it is perfect to improvise a homemade dessert when we receive unexpected visits at home or, simply, we want to surprise someone. Learn how to prepare it by following these simple steps.

Apple Yogurt Recipe Ingredients

 1 Natural yogurt

 1 apple

 1 tablespoon butter

  1 spoonful of brown sugar

 1 Handful of raw almonds

 1 Pinch of Cinnamon

Apple Yogurt Recipe

  • We prepare the ingredients for this apple yogurt dessert. Yogurt is natural and sugar free, while the apple can be green (more acidic) or red (sweeter). In the photo, cinnamon is missing, although it is optional: we present this dessert as a duet, one decorated with cinnamon and the other with ground almonds.
  •  Precisely the first step will be grinding the almond . With the mini-pimer mincing tool will suffice.
  • Now in a pan we heat the butter , and when it has melted, we pour the apple, which we will have peeled and cut into cubes. We will let it cook for about five minutes, stirring occasionally.
  •  When the apple begins to soften, we add the brown sugar and we remove while we maintain it to the alive fire, to caramelize the apple slightly .
  •  Meanwhile , we remove the yogurt so that something more liquid is left and we distribute half and half in individual bowls or saucers.
  • On the yogurt we arrange the caramelized apple, and we sprinkle a little cinnamon in one and a pinch of ground almond in the other. The apple dessert with yogurt is ready to taste. It is a light option to complete a blunt menu, for example with these noodles with mushrooms and Farragut as main course. I hope you like the recipe!
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Additional Information

Cost: Cheap

For: Dessert

Cooking: Fried

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