Apple Pie With Custard Filling Recipe

Apple Pie With Custard Filling Recipe

Apple pie with custard filling recipe is our today topic.Apple pie with custard filling is a very cheap recipe.You can make this delicious pie by following this apple pie with custard filling recipe.Apple pie with custard filling recipe is a easy and healthy recipe.

Apple Pie With Custard Filling Recipe

The apple pie is one of the classic desserts that exist, is prepared all over the world and has a thousand varieties. Being a popular apple dessert, this homemade dessert can be made with different types of dough and even different blends of flavor, although always the apple is the star ingredient, a delicious fruit, juicy and full of fiber and vitamins.

This time at Recietas Gratis we bring you a recipe step by step to discover the preparation of an exquisite version of the famous apple pie with custard , in this case we will not use puff pastry or broken pastry but we will make our cake with a Cookie base, you will see that this is the perfect dessert, stay with us and you will discover it.

Ingredients for 6 servings :

For the cover:

 3 pieces of apple

 80 grams of sugar

 2 Pieces of Lemon

For the custard:

 3 Pieces Egg Yolk

 1 piece of cinnamon

 1.5 tablespoons of Vanilla Essence

 40 grams of Maizena

 80 grams of sugar

Cookie Base

 60 grams of butter

 1 Pack of Cookies

Instructions | 1 hour 30 minutes

1 In the following image we will be able to observe the ingredients that we will need for the preparation of this delicious apple dessert. Remember that you can use any type of sweet biscuits like Maria, Ducales or Digestive cookies.

2 Let’s start with the preparation of the cookie base for apple pie. We then take all the cookies and crush them in the blender until they are powdered. It is important that you make sure the blender jar is completely dry.

3 Now add the butter and mix with the cookies. Integrate these two ingredients well until a doughy and malleable mixture is obtained.

Tip: This process will be much simpler if you add the slightly melted butter

4 We take this pasta and cover the base of the mold where we make our cake with apple and custard. The idea is to completely cover the base and the edges, making sure that it is well leveled and the cookie layer is a bit thick.

Once we do this our cookie base will be ready. We booked it.

5 Now we make the custard that we will use as a filling of our apple pie. To do this, infuse the milk along with the cinnamon stick, let on medium heat in a caerola until it begins to boil.

6 On the other hand, beat egg yolks with sugar, cornstarch and vanilla essence. Mix these three ingredients well until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

7 Finally, once there the milk boiled, we extinguish the fire, we removed the cinnamon and we added the mixture of the yolks. Remove everything until a thick mixture is obtained . Reserve and let the pastry cream cool to room temperature.

8 Referring to Fig.

When it has cooled slightly, we can pour the cream on the basis of cookies to start putting together our apple pie. Spread well to cover the entire interior of our cake.

9 Referring to Fig.

Wash and cut the apples in slices or thin crescent. When you have it, see placing all the pieces on the cream making an elegant decoration, as seen in the photo. You must cover the entire surface.

10 Now to finish the cover of our cake, we will prepare the liquid caramel with lemon. For this we put the sugar in a frying pan or hot pot and we add the juice of the two lemons, we move constantly until we have a dark liquid.

We must be careful not to burn the candy, remember that this process is extremely fast, it should only take 1-2 minutes.

11 Pour all the caramel over the layer of apples and cook the cake in the oven for 40 minutes at 180 ° C.

12 After this time we remove from the oven, let cool and READY !. We can enjoy our exquisite apple pie with custard cream and biscuit base at the time of dessert or for snacking.

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