Apple and Raspberry Crumble Recipe

Our Today topic is Apple and raspberry crumble recipe.Apple and raspberry crumble recipe is very easy and healthy recipe any one c an make this delicious dish in their own home by following this easy apple and raspberry crumble recipe.The No1 Weight loss recipe is apple cider vinegar weight loss recipe.

The crumble of apple and raspberry is a perfect dish for a family meal … it takes little to do and is delicious. This English dessert is usually made with apple only, but the flavors can vary, as in this case with an extra touch of fruit as we have done in this case. The combination of flavors with raspberry ensures success at dessert time. I hope you like it!

This recipe of crumble that we present you in Free Recipes is the preparation that Tini shares, so if you dare to try a different dish are apple and raspberry, do not hesitate and pay attention to all the indications.

Apple and Raspberry Crumble Recipe Ingredients

Ingredients for 5 servings of Apple and Raspberry Crumble :

 3 apples

 170 Grams of Flour

 85 Grams of Butter

 100 grams of sugar

 ½ Lemon (juice)

 1 Pack of Raspberries

Instructions | 30 minutes

1  To start preparing our English dessert, you must cut and peel the apples in sheets. Then place all the fruit in a source suitable for oven.

2 To make the crumble , place the butter in a bowl with the flour and sugar. Stir these ingredients well to form a sandy mass. Reservation.

The secret of the crumble is to place the cold butter, of refrigerator, cut in squares.

3 Then we recovered the mold with the apple slices and sprinkled over a splash of lemon juice and reserved.

Meanwhile, in another bowl place the raspberries and crush them until a puree texture.

4 Place the raspberries on the apples and finish placing over all the mixture we have made with the flour, the crumble. Cook the apple dessert in the oven for about 40-45 minutes.

5 Wait for a few minutes to rest, decorate with a little sugar glass and ready, now … To eat our delicious apple and raspberry crumble !

Crumble can also be made with cookies and oats as we do in the apple crumble recipe or if you prefer, you can also make them with other fruits like in strawberry crumble .

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