Adh Hormone

What is Antidiuretic Hormone? Height and Lack What does it mean?

Our Today topic is Adh hormone.Adh hormone (antidiuretic hormone, vasopressin) is a hormone that controls the amount of water held in the body. It is produced in the hypothalamus, stored in the pituitary gland and secreted from it. The height or the low level of the Adh hormone can lead to many different diseases, mainly blood circulation problems.

Adh Hormon

What Does Adh Hormone Height Mean?
Signs of Adh Hormone Height

If the level of the hormone Adh rises, it causes the kidneys to retain more water. The Adh hormone, which is secreted more than the amount needed, can cause the following problems:

Blood dilution.
The relative concentrations of sodium, potassium and chloride are reduced, and electrolyte imbalances become apparent.
Nausea and vomiting may occur.
Causes headache or unconsciousness.
Severe incidents can lead to seizures and comas.
Adh Hormon Height Why?

Adh Hormone

The following factors may lead to an uncontrolled rise in the hormone Adh:

Diabetes, heart, blood pressure or cancer drugs, antidepressants
Drug consumption that increases Adh release such as barbiturates, desipramine, morphine, nicotine, amitriptyline and carbamazepine
Acetaminophen, metformin, tolbutamide, aspirin, theophylline, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain relievers
(NSAID), such as drug consumption increases the Adh effect
Guillain Barre syndrome
Multiple sclerosis
Acute interminant porphyria
Some diseases affecting the lungs such as cystic fibrosis, emphysema, tuberculosis, HIV
Diseases that occur in the lung, chest wall, hypothalamus or pituitary gland
Adhering tumors (especially some species that develop in the lung)
Some types of cancer; leukemia, lymphoma, lung, pancreas, bladder or brain cancer
When the Adh hormone is standing, the nights are more secreted when under stress or during exercise. This is often a healthy response.

Adh Hormone

Adh Hormon Height Treatment

The patient is given medical salt solutions in order to catch the electrolyte balance of the blood. Some types of diuretic drugs will also be offered. Fluid intake should be limited. However, if the height of the Adh hormone is caused by a serious disease, these treatments will provide a temporary solution. The underlying problem should be treated.

What Does Adh Hormone Reduction Mean?
Symptoms of Adh Hormone Reduction

When the level of the hormone Adh drops, the amount of water taken from the kidneys increases. Urine volume increases. Adh hormone, which is secreted less than the amount needed, can lead to the following problems:

Increased urine volume, urine color clear
Blood pressure drop
Dehydration (water loss)
Why Does Adh Hormone Lose Low?

The following factors can lead to Adh hormone insufficiency:

Adh Hormone

Drinking too much water
Drug consumption such as lithium, phenytoin, ethanol, which reduces Adh release or its effect
Primary polydipsia: Excessive fluid consumption, if not a physical need. It can be caused by the following problems:

Anxiety disorders
Dry mouth syndrome
Autoimmune chronic hepatitis
Diabetes without sugar
The hypothalamus or pituitary gland has been damaged. It may stem from:

Surgical interventions
Take a severe blow to the head
In addition, as the person ages, the body’s ability to hold water decreases. The hormone Adh is secreted less when it is lengthening or high blood pressure.

Adh Hormone

Adh Hormone Ingestion Treatment

First, the patient is asked to consume plenty of water and fluids to avoid water loss. Vasopressin, desmopressin, etc. which will act like the hormone Adh afterwards. medication may be necessary.

If medication is used for the reason of adh failure, the patient should be directed to alternative therapies.
Drugs such as diuretics such as hydrochlorothiazide, amiloride, or indomethacin may help alleviate symptoms.

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