Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment And Causes

Acne treatment and causes  is our today topic.We will discuss the major treatment of acne.Acne (acne) is a common skin problem that affects many people at varying degrees during adolescence. However, the discomfort may not be limited to only 20-year-olds.

Ages can also be encountered in the 30s. Do not think treatment is unnecessary because acne is so common. It can be a mistake to wait for the aknen to grow and disappear. Medical treatment can improve your appearance and confidence in yourself and remove scars that could last a lifetime.

Acne Treatment And Causes

Acne Causes
Akneye is actually caused by a combination of many factors:

The amount of hormones increased during puberty causes the sebaceous glands in the deep to grow and overwork.
The channels that release these oils to the surface of the skin are blocked by keratin (a deep-seated protein).
When these sebaceous glands are overactive and the channels are blocked, bacteria that normally live in the deeper and in the oil multiply and produce inflammation in the dee.
Cosmetics & Skin Cleansers

Despite being told to wash frequently, acne is not a discomfort that is actually caused by dirt. For example, the black spots on the skin are not a dirt, but the result is the drying of the oil in the channels of the sweat glands and the oxidation.

Wash your face recommended by your doctor (skin specialist) twice a day with a moisturizing anti-bacterial soap. If your skin is very oily, it should be washed more often. Too much washing and scratching will cause the skin to be destroyed and the wax to worsen. For this reason, do not use abrasive cleaners or skin masks.

It is also important to shave your hair with shampoo for acne therapy. The more oily your hair is, the more often you have to wash it. Also make sure your hair oils do not touch the face. There are many cosmetic products that match your skin color to cover skin stains. These cosmetics should be water based (the first component on the label should be water.) Vaseline, cocoa butter, cold cream, and Vitamin E should be avoided from oils. If you are drying your skin, your doctor may recommend moisturizers according to the style of your skin.


There was a widespread belief that greasy foods arose a generation ago. Later, controlled studies revealed that there was no relationship between nutrition and acne in the majority of people. For this reason, along with a balanced diet, pizza, fries, chocolate, potato chips and soft drinks can also be consumed. If you are allergic to any of these, do not consume.

Acne Treatment And Causes

Acne Treatment
Acne should not be seen as something that threatens health. In recent years, effective treatment methods have improved considerably. Dermatologists are able to eliminate traces that can remain after acne. Untreated acne can leave marks that can last for years and can affect the appearance.

Mild acne can be treated with a combination of one or more creams and solutions. These local medicines are meant to prevent new scars from forming. For this reason, apply these medicines to all affected parts of the face, not just the acne. These creams can cause cure, cyanosis and tension in some people. It’s normal. If you do not stop using these creams, the skin may cause more irritation. For this reason, the frequency of use of these creams should be reduced in consultation with the doctor.

Moderate and more severe acne is treated with antibiotic medications. In some patients, the different combinations give better results, so the doctor can be checked every 4-6 weeks to control the akines. In addition to this traditional therapy, your doctor or dermatologist can advise you to expedite or improve the healing of the therapies. These treatment methods are:

1. Acne Surgery

This procedure speeds up acne clearing by lifting black and white stains with manual treatment. A soft pressure is applied to remove a substance that exhibits an aspirator property. The parts that can cause tissue deterioration are treated carefully.

2. Intralesional Corticosteroid Treatment

If one or more painful acne cysts are present, rapid pain relief is possible with this painless procedure. Diluted cortisone solution is injected into each cyst using an ultrasonic needle.

3. Drug Treatment with Isotretinoin Isotretinoin-
containing drugs are used in people with severe acne that do not respond to traditional methods. The treatment usually lasts for about 5 months and at the end of this process the acne is treated so that it will not come out again. Side effects and precautions to be taken should be well understood when using these drugs.

Acne Treatment And Causes

4. Treatment of acne scars

Care should be taken to ensure that the acne activity is significantly reduced or completely stopped before treating acne scars. This can be expected for months. Color inconsistencies in the great acne scars are the biggest problem. These lesions may leave very obvious predominant reddish scars. These color traces approach the skin coloring by fading for 4-12 months. These marks, which take a long time to disappear in some people, lead to lack of confidence. Cosmetic surgeons offer different procedures to treat these traces.

5. Chemical Peeling

Superficial acne scars and deep irregular pigmentation can be easily treated with this treatment method. For these traces, chemical substances are used which provide peeling of the outer surface of the skin. Different chemistries and concentrations can be used depending on the patient’s skin and the degree of trace.

6. Laser Coating

The more obvious traces left from acne are best treated with this method. Several layers of this lighted skin with high energy are removed. At the same time with this method, the parts becoming more taut become soft.

7. Collagen Implantation (Live Skin Inoculation)

This collagen application gives better results in patients with smooth skin and smooth edges. This natural protein is placed under the touch to raise the remaining trace to reach normal skin level.

8. Punch Cutting (Punch Out) and Vaccination

Some narrow and hollow traces can be removed from the center with a lot of punch and punch excision. These tracks are removed by a punch. The resulting gap is closed with thin skin grafting. Sometimes chemical peeling and laser coating can be used in this method.

As a result, acne treatment is a continuous process and requires patience so that it can be controlled. It is also important to follow the doctor’s recommendations here.


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