4 Ways to Secure Your Home Against Intruders

A house in your neighborhood was just burglarized and you’re in shock. You may be worried that your home will become the next target, and your family and belongings are in danger. Here are 4 ways to fortify your home defenses against invasions and burglaries:

1. Get Motion-Activated Lighting
Motion-activated lights will help guard your home at night. Entrances and dark corners around your home are perfect locations to add motion-activated lights. Position the lights high enough so that no one can simply disable them by reaching up and unscrewing the bulb. These lights switch on once motion is detected. Scare off potential intruders before they even reach your doors or windows.

2. Install a Home Security System
A home security system is an effective deterrent against intruders. In fact, 60% of burglars would seek an alternative target upon discovering the presence of an alarm or cameras. The Home8 Video-Verified Security Alarm System includes not only an alarm and indoor camera but also a motion sensor and door/window sensors. You and your family will be able to collaboratively monitor your home and receive video alerts when emergencies happen. Once the break-in is confirmed, users may call the police within the Home8 App for a prioritized response. Invest in a security system that will not only act as a deterrent but can also catch the perpetrator.

3. Trim Your Shrubs Regularly
Tall, unkempt shrubs are signals to thieves that you have perfect hiding spots outside your home. Don’t make it that easy for them: routinely trim the shrubs around house entrances and walkways to a height no taller than your knees. With no place to hide while attempting to force entry into your home, the thief may well abandon his target.

4. Get a Smart Plug
Indoor lights connected into a smart plug will allow you to control your home lighting from your smartphone. When away from home for long periods of time you can have the lights turn on to give the impression that someone is home. The Home8 Smart Plug would be a great choice, especially since the smart plug features “schedules.” The add-on smart plug will allow up to six schedules that automatically turn “on” or “off” devices attached to it. Having indoor lights controlled through a schedule instead of being on all night will give your house the appearance of being occupied.

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