Symptoms Of Depression

11 Symptoms of Depression

Our today topic is symptoms of depression.We will talk about symptoms of depression.What are the main symptoms of depression?Are you really depressed, or are we just sad? Singing is not always easy. If there is a good reason for you to be  unhappy. Symptoms Of DepressionRemoving yourself from the workplace, a chronic illness, leaving you with love can set the stage for your behavior to change, and these behaviors may not always be signs of depression. Ken Robbins, a psychiatrist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, says, ” Sadness is a mood, but depression is a disease .”

Depression is different in two respects because it is sad:

-It is difficult to cope with the symptoms of depression and affect all your work.

-sure: the symptoms are almost always yours and last at least 2 weeks.

The following depression shows that a person tries to cope with depression, a disease, not a normal, transient feeling. Depression may vary from person to person. A person who is depressed does not have 11 signs at the same time, and their intensity is different. Depression can be moderate or severe. If you have a few of the following, and you have been going on for over two weeks, you might want to apply to a psychiatrist.

11 Symptoms Of Depression

1. Constant sad, anxious or “empty” feelings
This symptom could mean that your mood is not good at the moment. But these feelings are a long sign of depression. If there was no depression, these feelings would disappear after a while.Symptoms Of Depression

Signs: Empty eyes, lack of interest in life, inability to see or show happiness and other emotions, numbness

People who are depressed are not fully aware of this statement. Ask yourself: “When was the last time you felt happy?”

2. Feeling Hopeless, Worthless or Desperate
A depressed person thinks that everything is going badly and when the problems arise, the crime loads itself. This is the most common symptom of a severe depression. In mid-level depression this symptom is less common.

Signs: Feeling that you can not see the positive parts of the events, have no control over the events and elections, remember the past mistakes and blame yourself

Do you have similar phrases like: “No hope”, “I can not do anything in this”, “I have no choice”, “No one cares”, “I am shortened, I have stayed”

3. Frequent Cries
In these people, crying does not become a direct or obvious trigger, hiccups usually occur at one time.

Signs: Cry without reason

Every person in the depression does not cry, and some people never cry. This symptom is more common in women. According to a study conducted at the University of San Francisco, crying is not tied to the severity of depression, and people who are crying often spend less of their days depressed. But still, crying every day is not normal.Symptoms Of Depression

4. Tension and Mobility
Some people in the depression behave at extreme extremes, while others are very stagnant. (see Symptom 5)

Signs: Somewhat uncomfortable, irritable, uneasy, unsteady

For the depressed person, everything grows. Minor changes or disturbances are not like pebbles, they look like huge borders. They think that they will seriously affect their normal life.

5. Fatigue and Reduced Energy
A depressed person who is nervous and unstable (see Symptom 4) feels himself constantly tired, exhausted and unenergized.

Signs: Feeling inefficient, leaving activities such as exercise, postponing work

Exhaustion is a mind-body problem. Negative mood and the loss of motivation are part of the problem while the other side is the decrease in energy psychologically. They can affect each other and make the situation worse.

6. Disappearing Interesting Activities Sometimes
It is one of the first indications of people depressed.

Signs: unwillingness to see an activity that was formerly enjoyed (a hobby, cooking, watching sports games), not going out, not wanting to see friends or familySymptoms Of Depression

Some people in depression lose their sense of being a skeptic. Some may become addictive, such as sexy alcohol and cigarettes.

7. In Concentration, In Detail Remember, In Difficulty at Decision
Mental acuity disappears in people depressed. Attention disorder and memory problems arise.

Signs: Do not forget appointments or things to do, put objects at wrong places, forget names, postpone decision making

Cognitive problems related to depression can be seen as dementia. But with the passing of depression, they will be solved.

8. To Sleep Enough or Not to Sleep Enough
Irregular sleep and depression are closely related. Depression leads to insomnia in some people and, on the contrary, to desire to sleep consistently.

Signs: Loss of sleep, getting up too early or getting up unusually early, unable to wake up on time, feel sleepy, not rest

Depression is the main cause of sleep problems. Because it directly affects the biological sleep rhythm.

9. Loss of appetite or a lot of food
The symptom manifests itself again in person. The person loses interest in eating or is emotionally conditioned to eat.

Signs: Do not eat for a long time, do not feel hungry, eat something constantly, do not taste food, gain weight, lose weight

Depression is a common cause of eating disorders. Depression can lead to eating disorders, or eating disorders, depression.Symptoms Of Depression

10. Request for Death or Suicidal Thought
Depression is one of the cases of suicide. Suicide seems to be a logical way to relieve pain.

Signs: Do not be afraid of death, the feeling that suicide is the solution of everything

Suicide thought may occur in depressed people. What you need to realize is that this thinking will disappear when you solve the depression. When Hayattan begins to taste, the desire to live and the happiness will emerge again.

11. Creams, Cramps and Digestion Problems
Depression leads to a strase. When the physSymptoms Of Depressionical effects of chronic stress combined with sleep and eating disorders, many health problems may arise.

Signs: pain and stomach problems that are not treated or medicated

These physical symptoms may be irrelevant to depression. So, combined with several other symptoms, a diagnosis of depression can be made.

Last word

If you have some of the above symptoms of depression, it’s a good idea to visit a psychologist or a psychiatrist. A great deal of depression treatments are successful. With the treatment you will begin to solve the problems in your head and you will be happier. Thus, depression statements will also disappear. In addition, healthy eating and exercise have a great effect on alleviating depression. If you take care of these, you will have the energy you need to solve the problems. Remember depression is a disease and can be cured. When you move to get rid of the depression, you will have taken the first step to a better life.

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