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10 Valentine’s Day sms

Our today topic is Valentine’s Day sms.We will share the best Valentine’s Day sms.Valentine’s Day, although becoming very commercial, is still the lovers’ party so a little text in the morning to wish it will always be welcomeย  ย Happy Birthday Imagesย 

Here are now 10 special Valentine’s sms:

Valentine’s Day sms

“Do you know why Cupid stays young? To show that love never gets old. Our couple proves it: I love you a little more each day. Happy Valentines Day, my love!”

“The love I feel for you is unconditional, I did not think I could feel such an emotion one day … Thank you for being in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day Love of my life “.

“My heart, thanks to you, I finally found something that makes my heart beat faster than during a sprint, which makes me want to overcome all the obstacles, all the imposed limits. Something that is so much that I would rather die than live without it. I found this little “thing”, this twig that tickles my heart, the rare pearl that gives me happiness: You. Happy Valentines Day!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day my Angel. Tonight I play Cupid, I take out my arrow to capsize your heart as the first day. I look forward!”

“Happy Valentine’s day my little heart, already two years that we are together … Time passes so quickly by your side! I hope that this novel that we began to write together never stops, that the pages are written to infinity, that the ink of our love flows to form the most beautiful chapters. I love you.”

“February is a nice month. Despite the cold that chills our blood, you are always there to warm my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day my heart! “

“I’m not very” Valentine’s Day “, I do not care about flowers or chocolates. All I want is to be ready for you, in your arms, for our love to evolve every day and for our happiness to be eternal … And not only on the 14th of February ๐Ÿ™‚But I love you so much that I can not to prevent you from wishing you … Happy Valentine’s Day my Doudou ๐Ÿ™‚ “

“I know, I do not really have the habit of expressing my feelings but on this day of lovers I can only wish you a beautiful Valentine’s Day and thank you for being in my life and make me happy. I love you.”

“You really are the love of my life, I’m sure. I have the impression of being born for you … And that, it is priceless. You taught me what the word “love” meant, you made me feel the word “happiness” and you make me believe in “the future”. Thank you for all my Love and Happy Valentine’s Day! “

Valentine’s Day sms

“Valentine’s Day with you is every day. It may be a ready-made phrase, but I really mean it. But … A surprise awaits you anyway at home tonight ๐Ÿ™‚I love you just now! “

I did not wish you a good Valentine
Day of the day of love
Because I love you every day
Happy Valentine’s Day My Love
Happy Valentine’s Day to our loving couple
When you’re here, I revisit unique moments
where nothing else matters,
and the whole world is here,
in silence, hanging on to my happiness
One can not write “he” without “l” (she);
That’s why “he” can not live without “l” “her”.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers.
Hello my heart, excellent and sweet night,
very nice dreams and good sleep,
good rest, very good Saturday,
big kisses very good Valentine’s Day to you!
I want to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day my love.
I think of you every day and even more today.
I loved only once on this earth
A beautiful mistress with clear eyes
It’s you, my love, you my heart
Sweet Valentine’s Day
I give you the respect
I give you my love
I give you affection
I give you my peace!
So, let’s be united!
You and me: both
In unity and love
Peace and happiness …
You are my Valentine’s day to young wrinkles,
The adonis of my candid soul;
Your arrow pierced my body 15 years ago,
Embracing forever my child’s heart.
That Valentine’s Day starts and ends on a
note of cheerfulness, I love you with all your faults,
Happy Valentine’s Day With Love
Declaration of love for Valentine’s Day:
Let’s celebrate valentine’s day
The dulcinea puts on her most beautiful dress
To dine and dance until dawn
With her beautiful lover, her rider
Her prince charming, her fiance.

Valentine’s Day sms

The aura of the gods of love illuminates
The lyrical song of cupid fascinates
Venus and Eros knock at each door
Their melody cradles and transports.

Every rendezvous of Valentine’s Day
Gives a good breath of crystalline love
Bouquets of roses of all colors
Emanates an exquisite perfume with beautiful scents.

Lovers the poet writes his poem
To say to his sylph: “I love you”
The charm of his beloved seduces
He wants to spend with her all night.

The couple lives in a second state
Listening to Cupid’s music
The beauty of Venus illuminates and dazzles
Eros is a bearer of unheard-of happiness.

Lovers enjoy the serenade
Filled, their young heart beats
The feast of valentine is back

Gives joy a declaration of love
Love Texts for Valentine’s Day:
I will offer you all kinds of roses with a thousand perfumes
Every day I’ll pick you a flower of life in the early morning dew
We will go together far away to perfect our destiny
We will go on a cruise to the island of St. Valentine
Every day we will celebrate in joy and happiness
And take good care of you and look after you at the little grain
I will not stop to dwell in every corner the same chorus
For me and you it will be Valentine’s Day every day
Good day and Happy birthday my tender princess

Valentine’s Day sms

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 my darling! The flowers and the chocolates being of tradition in this festival of the lovers, I hope for my part to fall on a sweet kissed flowers and sweet! See you tonight.

Valentine’s Day is like a box of chocolates, we always know what we will find there: the woman of his life. You, darling!

My darling / darling, do you know why little Cupid never grew up? To tell us that love does not get old … and when I look at myself, I totally agree.

Life goes so fast. She knows how to occupy us without giving us many phases of rest. Valentine’s Day is here to remind us that we must let go of the ballast and that love is more important than anything. Have a good day !

Cupid pulled his arrow well for me. I had the ideal girl and the prettiest / the ideal man and the most beautiful. Have a nice day of Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day and since I’m neither Shakespeare nor Rimbaud, I can only tell you one thing today: I love you!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 to the sweetest / sweetest woman / man I could wish for. I love you.

Three rules are imperative on Valentine’s Day: A very good restaurant, a background music and the person you love in front of you. See you tonight to pay tribute to all lovers! I love you.

Although it is usually difficult for me to express my feelings for you, I would like to take this special day to thank you for being the sweetest, most caring and most endearing person I know. I enjoy each day by your side.

On this day of lovers, I wanted to make you three promises: to be always there for you, to respect you and to love you all my life! I love you and happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day sms

Poetic SMS for Valentine’s Day
Put a little poetry in your text messages in honor of the feast of all lovers! Besides if there is a day where you can really afford it, especially if you’re not used to it, it’s that day!

V for Valentine because you are the only one
for Love because it is what we celebrate this day
L for Love because our love is universal
E for eternal because our love is infinite
N for Night and day, because our love is timeless
T for Sadness because I will never know her by your side
I for Invitation because tonight you will be my host for a delicious dinner
N for Night because dinner is just the beginning of the festivities

I love the month of February because in spite of the cold that tries to chill us …
The chocolates, the kisses and the appointments in the restaurant are there to warm our hearts. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Like Cupid, my love and a weapon of which your heart and the target. Happy Valentine’s Day
Texto love submitted by Linou

Funny SMS for Valentine’s Day
Send a funny message to your girlfriend or boyfriend for this day of lovers, here is an original idea!

Happy Valentine’s Day … but strange celebration when you think about it. All lovers who are celebrating a big happy baby naked flying with a gun in hand, it’s weird! It’s a little psychopath! Fortunately, they did not choose Santa Claus!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my darling! I warn you tonight I play Cupid! I’m going to shoot a nice fire arrow in your little heart of gold until it melts! I bring you the big game!

Valentine’s Day sms

SMS to invite someone for Valentine’s Day
You are alone on this day of lovers’ day but a person holds a special place in your heart? Invite him / her in a humorous way. Here are some fun text messages to invite someone for Valentine’s night.

It’s Valentine’s Day and no one should be alone tonight, otherwise Cupid will go crazy! What would you say to a dinner in my company to spare poor little Cupid?

You have just received a text message from Cupidon!
Type 1 for a drink
Type 2 for a romantic restaurant
Type 3 for a cinema / play
Type 4 for your valentine to be alone with its beer in front of the TV

I’m looking for a young woman to accompany me to the restaurant on February 14th . She must be brown, brown eyes, around 1m68, sweet and friendly. If you fit the description, call me!

I know someone who really wants to have dinner with you tonight! He is big, he is small, he always walks with a weapon, he has a sadistic smile, and he has a name of psychopath: “Cupid”. If you want, I can get rid of it by inviting you to dinner before him.

Flowers make me sneeze, chocolates get fatter and hearts red from heart attacks, so how about not celebrating Valentine’s Day with me but spending this evening (or the next one) on my Noah’s Ark at my house, in front of a good glass and a good dish that I will have prepared for you.

Today is the day of awareness of love. What would you say to share this evening with me for the sole purpose of being totally in solidarity with the action of this day of course!

Valentine’s Day SMS for his friends
Even if it’s lovers’ day, do not forget your friends. Send them a text message to show them that you are thinking about them too. Fun and original messages.

Valentine’s Day sms

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Those who are caught, who are soon caught, those who think they are caught, those who are taken seriously, those who pray to be caught …

Monsieur Valentin is not here only for lovers! It is also present for people who care for each other. So to you my friend, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Whether you have a valentine or a valentine, know that someone is thinking of you this day! Smile and enjoy every day of the year!

Most people do not know but “Happy Valentine’s Day” written backwards gives Nitnelav Tnias Esueyoj in Cherubine language. And from what Cupid told me it means “I got you well”!

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